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The XML Prototype is a Dead Rising Special Forces armored tank used by Brock Mason in the end of Overtime Mode. Brock uses the tank to try and kill an escaping Frank and Isabela.

Once Frank is able to defeat the tank, the tank fires one last shot at Frank and Isabela, causing their car to flip over. From there on, Frank fights Brock in a hand-to-hand combat.

Battling the tankEdit

The tank has a range of attacks from firing 2-4 missiles to deploying Special Forces Drones.

  • The only way to destroy the tank is to fire at its headlamps and the laser tracker when it raises continuously until it's health is depleted.
  • The missiles and Special Forces Drones that are launched can be shot down.
  • When the tank is targeting Frank, shoot at the targeting device until its targeting beam disappears. If Frank fails to do so, it will lock onto his vehicle and fire its cannon unless he is lucky and the missiles miss Frank as he turns around the corner, causing the missiles to hit something else.


{{#ev:youtube|yx1gqRI9GFw|300|left|Dead Rising - Overtime 7 - Battling the Tank}}


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