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Vehicles are transportation in Dead Rising 3. Below is a list of traditional and nontraditional transportation in Dead Rising 3. Capcom reports there are 27 vehicles in Dead Rising 3. Many of these vehicles can be combined into Combo Vehicles.

Vehicles that can be driven by Nick Ramos will have their head and tailights flashing yellow lights. Many other vehicles litter the streets abandoned, burned out, or in car wrecks. Some cars can have the trunk popped open by Nick and looted.

Producer Jeff Bridge estimates that, given the size of the world, a player could actually spend as much as 50 per cent of the game in vehicles.[1]

List of normal vehicles Edit

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Weapon LocationLastsDamageSpeed
Muscle Car

[[File:dead rising Muscle Car.png Not a clue|100px|center]]

Location icon  Los Perdidos

Not a clue

Not a clue Not a clue Not a clue

Pushable transportationEdit

Anything that Nick can push makes him travel faster than usual. Stand behind these pushable items and a push command will appear. Nick travels quickly through groups of zombies when pushing weapons.

Pushable vehicles are part of the list above.

Vehicle key locationsEdit



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