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Dead Rising
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Vehicles allow Frank to quickly travel around the mall, as well as kill hundreds of zombies without the danger of losing health. Unfortunately, Frank cannot take most vehicles inside the mall, so Frank can only drive across the Leisure Park lawn or in the underground Maintenance Tunnels.


  1. X to accelerate
  2. Template:A to brake and reverse the vehicle
  3. B to exit the vehicle. The vehicle must be stopped to exit the vehicle.[1]
  4. Tright honk the horn.


Survivors can ride in the car with Frank.[2] Speed and strength is from one to five.

Vehicle Passengers Speed Strength
Dead rising Convertible Convertible 3[3] 5
Dead rising Delivery Truck Delivery Truck 0 1 5
Dead rising Jeep Jeep 1
Dead rising Motorcycle Motorcycle 0
Dead rising White Sedan White Sedan 4[4]

Zombie Genocider achievementEdit

Dead rising copter (2)

From the beginning of the game.

Vehicles are used to complete the "Zombie Genocider" achievement by killing 53,594 zombies (the population of Willamette Colorado).


  • Vehicle lights only turn on at night, or in the Maintenance Tunnels.
  • There are a number of other vehicles in Dead Rising, though all are not available to be driven:



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