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I'm 16, currently studying Computer Technology and Design. Dead Rising is my favorite game series. It was my first game that I got when I received an Xbox 360. My favorite game in the series is Case Zero.


Dead rising award

Compass barnstar Guidance BarnstarThe Guidance Barnstar
The Guidance Barnstar may be awarded to users who help others locate valuable resources, information, or assistance.

This barnstar is awarded to MaddaCheeb for his revolutionary work on Case Zero, furthering our communities understanding of case zero, which will be appreciated for years to come. That is why May 14th every year is now christened MaddaCheeb Case Zero obsession day. Congratulations and thank you on behalf of thousands of modders and players. A 03:36, 15 May 2011 (UTC)


-Escaping Las Vegas (Left 4 Dead 2 Campaign, based off of Case Zero)

-MixedMOD Download

-Performance Mod (Cancelled)


To contact me, email me at

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