• The default motorbike color is red. With a PC, to create one of the other five colored bikes, each color has a subtype:
Dead rising Motorbike TextureSubType= "0" Red Rocket
Dead rising Motorbike TextureSubType= "1" Red Rocket
Dead rising Blue Thunder TextureSubType= "2" Blue Thunder
Dead rising Green Machine TextureSubType= "3" Green Machine
Dead rising Great American TextureSubType= "4" Great American
Dead rising Purple Punisher TextureSubType= "5" Purple Punisher[1]
Dead rising all bikes


  1. For example to create Great American in The American Historium a person would add the following to data/datafile.big/americana_casino.txt:
    cItemPlacement superbike_reduce_usa
    ItemName= "SuperBike"
    Location= "-405.180,-3.502,-36.695"
    TextureSubType= "4"

    The descriptions in the items.txt file does not match the actual skins. For example:

    AlternateTextureName2 = "data/models/environment/props/superbike_reduce_green"

    TextureSubType= "2" is blue thunder, not green machine.


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