The Moosehead is a weapon in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Case Zero. Chuck wears the moosehead as a piece of clothing, and can charges at and gore zombies with the antlers. It is a heavy weapon and cannot be stored in Chuck's inventory.

Plastic moose heads are used in the TIR game Pounds of Flesh.


Dead rising moosehead main
  • Main: Tap X/Square to swing the moosehead side to side, in a bucking motion.

Dead rising moosehead combo
  • Combo: During main attack , tap X/Square to swing the moosehead again.

Dead rising moosehead alternate
  • Alternate: Hold X/Square to Chuck charges head down antlers out.


In Case Zero the moose head can be bought from Dick in the Still Creek Pawn Shop for $500, and it can be found in Bob's Fish 'n Hunt.

In Dead Rising 2, the moosehead can be found at High-Noon Shooting Range, and also on the roof of the Information Booth in the Food Court (Dead Rising 2). A modified form of the moosehead appears in the Terror is Reality contest Pounds of Flesh.



Alleged picture of Moosehead available in pawn shop

  • The TIR Moosehead is awarded for obtaining $10,000,000 in Terror is Reality.[1][2][3] [Verification needed]
  • The only time Chuck can use the modified Moose Head in story mode is during Overtime Mode when the player is fighting TK
  • The moose head will appear in cutscenes if Chuck is wearing it at the time.
  • The Moosehead was featured in "Monster Hunter: Frontier" as a piece of clothing. Those who bought a Japanese copy of "Dead Rising 2" were given either a redeemable Xbox360/PC code to receive it.
  • It is a available piece of clothing on PS3 application, "Playstation Home".



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