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   Opening files to edit (Gibbed)
   Debug Mode
   Swap characters (Model Swap)
   Import Models
    Mod:Dead Rising 1 Files
   Placing characters
     enlarging/ resizing characters
   Create Reskins
   Adding & removing items
     Coordinates/ Rotation
    Resize Enlarge items
   Changing Text
   Weapon modifications
   Texmod: Texmod installation
   Texmod: Download textures
   Texmod: Create Reskins
  Remove missing prop box

List of what each file does

  All game items (items.txt)
   Item animations (PyroEffect)
  All Game Text
  All Missions and cases (missions.txt)
   Times of all missions
    Mission breakdown
  All major packed files (big files)
    Character models (npcs.big)
   Sgraph - animations
   HUD (game player's interface)
   Camera.txt (camera view)
  Zombie models
  Game rules (Frontend)
  Cutscenes (Cinematics.big)
    Royal Flush
    Safe house
    Americana Casino
   Collision - controls solid surfaces
   Excel coordinates of all areas


  See also Gibbed's and Texmod
   Hex Editor

   Infinity Mode
   Work in Progress Mods
   Zombie Mode


The Proboards modding community no longer uses Texmod, see Mod:Create Reskins instead

For Texmod, see also: Mod:Create Reskins and Mod:Texmod installation

With the program Texmod a modder can view all the Dead Rising 2 texture files and then convert them to a desired format. For Dead Rising 2, this format is dds.

Texture files are the colors, styles, and designs for all items, people and places in the game.

A modder can then change the color and texture of these files, or even draw in these texture files, compile these texture files, and then play these files in Dead Rising 2 with texmod.

Instructions[edit source]

1. Start Textmod.

2. Click the yellow folder icon under "Target Application"

3. Search for your Deadrising2.exe file

4. Select Deadrising2.exe.

Texmod Logging Mode

5. On the Texmod box, click the middle button "Logging Mode"

6. Change the output format to dds.

7. Under Log with select the button to save the texture in. The default is the Enter key. This can be changed to any of the F-keys. But remember the game uses many of these F-keys.

8. Under Output folder select which folder the converted textures will be saved in.

Dead Rising 2 running with Texmod (red writing in top left) and debug with skip cinematics setting.

7. When you start the game four lines of instruction will appear in red:

Press + and - to select a texture and Enter (or the F-button you choose) to save it. Press , to reload replacement textures.
Hold * to filter drawn textures.
Press / to reset filter mode.
Textures loaded: 1015 filtered: 0
No textures selected

Different textures in the top left corner.

8. When the game starts press the - key. You will start to see the different textures in the top left corner.

Texture of Chuck's boots note how his boots are highlighted bright green in the game.

The texture which is being shown in the corner of the screen will turn bright green.

9. When you want to save the texture press Enter (or the F-button you choose) This texture will go to the Texmod/out folder by default.

Below are some of the texture pictures.

Continue to Mod:Create_Reskins for instructions on how to modify these reskins.

Controls in Logging mode[edit source]

All controls are located on your numpad.

Key Function
+ Select next texture
- Select previous texture
* Only choosen textures will be selectable. This filters selected (drawn) textures.
/ reset filter mode (show all textures again, including those textures you have not selected)
, If you have selected a Deffile on the Texmode box at startup, Texmod will reload the replacement definition file. This will reload modified textures without restarting Dead Rising 2.

Gallery[edit source]

External links[edit source]

  • "That was with Texmod.... Launch deadrising2.exe with logging mode, use numpad + and - to sort through textures, rip the ones you want, exit the game and edit what you want, then create a package of the .log file it creates and re-launch the game with package mode or whatever it's called."[1]
  • Dead Rising 2 props
    • is the official gmod forum
    • Message User talk:A for these files if unable to download from garrysmod
    • Message eggman249 on both and
    • Open VTF files in DR2 models/materials/models/Deadrising with VTFEdit
      • file>export to export as a .png file or other format
    • Blender is a free program which will make 3d models.[1]
    • Milkshape is a program for $40 which will make 3d models.

References[edit source]

  1. 3d modder model updates? (Cinema 4D and blender), Dead Rising 2 PC Mods, (October 21, 2010).
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