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The Proboards modding community no longer uses Texmod, see Mod:Create Reskins instead

See also Preview and download textures and Creating reskins

Texmod is a free program which allows a Dead Rising 2 player to use reskin mods in the PC version of Dead Rising 2. For example, Texmod allows the player to change Chuck's outfit to a different color, or have different writing on it.

This article explains how to:

  1. download and install texmod
  2. Use existing created reskins, created by texmod in your game.

Reskin Mods[edit source]

Download TexMod[edit source]

For reskins:


1. Download TexMod Broken?

New texmod link

Texmod extract.png

2. Extract the ZIP file.

Link to download on for Undead Chuck reskin

Mediafire site hosting the download.

Download reskin file[edit source]

3. Download the reskin mod you want to use (TPF file).

Place the TPF files in the same folder as the TexMod's files

4. Extract the TPF files, placing the TPF files you're going to use in the same folder as TexMod's files.

Use TexMod[edit source]

Texmod at start up

5. Click TexMod.exe to start the program.

If your using Vista or Windows 7, you may need admin status to use the program.

The program will auto-boot up in the "Packing Mode" tab.

Click the folder.

7. In the top left corner you'll see a folder. Click this folder.

Dead rising 2 texmod select deadrising2 exe.png

8. Navigate to your Dead Rising 2 folder, click DeadRising2.EXE

Dead rising 2 texmod package selected.png

9. Make sure "Package Mode" is selected.

10. Click the folder icon in the middle of the program window.

Dead rising 2 texmod package selected finished selecting.png

11. Select the TPF files you want to use in the game. For example, "Undead Chuck v1.tpf".

Dead rising 2 texmod package run.png

12. Click "Run". The game will start. If necessary, find the outfit that the mod replaces. The changes should be reflected now.[1][2][3]

Troubleshooting Texmod[edit source]

Dead rising 2 virus alert.png

Occasionally a virus protection program will indicate that this program is a trojan virus. This is a false alert and can be ignored.[1]
{{#ev:youtube|fCj16VDyXoY|300|left|How to Fix - You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.}}

If you have AVG virus protection, and get the message "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item." See this video to fix this problem.

Tools >> advance settings >> Exceptions. Add folder with TexMod into the folder.

For me, this video suggestion did not work, I had to add the file to the excludes folder. Tools >> advance settings >> Exceptions. (see picture to the right).

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