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  All game items (items.txt)
   Item animations (PyroEffect)
  All Game Text
  All Missions and cases (missions.txt)
   Times of all missions
    Mission breakdown
  All major packed files (big files)
    Character models (npcs.big)
   Sgraph - animations
   HUD (game player's interface)
   Camera.txt (camera view)
  Zombie models
  Game rules (Frontend)
  Cutscenes (Cinematics.big)
    Royal Flush
    Safe house
    Americana Casino
   Collision - controls solid surfaces
   Excel coordinates of all areas


  See also Gibbed's and Texmod
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   Infinity Mode
   Work in Progress Mods
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In items.txt found in the Dead Rising 2\data\datafile.big folder are around 165 different survivors and psychopaths. This file controls the actions and behavior of the survivors. See: Mod:Placing characters/list for a partial sortable list of survivor attributes.[1]

List of characters[edit source]

The collapsed list shows all the characters available to modify in dead rising 2.

An almost full list of entries is found at on this page A more detailed partial list Mod:Placing characters/list.

Placing in game survivors in new locations[edit source]

In game survivors are survivors which Chuck can interact with in the game,[2] whereas cinematic characters (below) are characters in the cutscenes.

Gibbed's is required to first unpack datafile.big to access the missions.txt. See the Gibbed's article for more information on how to unpack a file.

You need to open:

Dead Rising 2\data\datafile.big\missions.txt

Add the character into a mission.


The following is added right below the cMissionLevelReady Lush_Americana section in missions.txt:

cMissionSpawnNPC Lulu
	DefaultBehaviour = "Idle"
	NPCName = "srv_lulu"
	Rotation = "0.6"
	SpawnPoint = "-311.7, -5.6, -86.1"

cMissionSpawnNPC Julius
	DefaultBehaviour = "Idle"
	NPCName = "srv_dale3"
	Rotation = "2.3"
	SpawnPoint = "-313.8, -5.6, -83.9"

Now Lulu and Julius will appear in the Lush-ious Lady mission in the same room as Kristin.

Up to nine characters (not including Chuck) can be added to Fortune City at any one time. And while there can be more then nine characters in the city at once, missions will not spawn unless the total number of survivors is eight or less (Psychopaths and Rebecca do not count towards that limit)

Adding cinematic characters[edit source]

With Cine (cinematic) characters there is an extra step to add them to the game.

Spawning the "Cine_xxxx" entries from items.txt alone will not work, because these cine characters do not have the necessary data.

Instead, copy one of the srv Entries in items.txt. Then paste the copied srv entry in items.txt.

Then edit the asset file name and title of this copied srv entry.


Original: AssetFilename = "data/models/npcs/srv_kristopher"
New: AssetFilename = "data/models/npcs/cine_pa_t1"
Original: cSurvivorItem srv_kristopher
New: cSurvivorItem srv_victor

See the collapsed Copying and modifying an existing character to allow a cinematic character in the regular game below for an example.

These new entries will not have the correct names though, they will have the names or the survivor data you copied unless you alter the str_en.bcs file, see changing text.

In missions.txt you will use this new name to make the cinematic character appear, so to use the example from above:

cMissionSpawnNPC neardoor // near door
	DefaultBehaviour = "Idle"
	NPCName = "srv_victor"
	Rotation = "2.3"
	SpawnPoint = "-313.8, -5.6, -83.9"

Will spawn cine_pa_t1 the TiR Employee in the Americana Casino near where Lush-ious Lady appears. The TiR Employee is seen in the beginning cutscenes and is killed by a zombie in the Green Room with Katey.

Psychopath placement[edit source]

By adding an idle behavior a psychopath will not have their arms out

Attempting to spawn a psychopath resulted in a character with their arms out, which slowly floats until it hits a solid object. By adding the line "IdleChooser", this line prevents a psychopath from having their arms out and slowly floating.

This was created using the same format as above:

cMissionSpawnNPC boss_chef
	DefaultBehaviour = "Idle"
	NPCName = "srv_boss_chef"
	Rotation = "0.6"
	SpawnPoint = "-311.7, -5.6, -86.1"

Simplest character placement[edit source]

The crewman in items.txt has one of the most simple codings to place. This can be used for other character placements.

	Age = "33"
	AssetFilename = "data/models/npcs/crewman"
	CinematicSkeletonSlotName = "SkeletonCinematicPlayer"
	Description = "67948"
	DisplayName = "85801"
	DR2 = "true"
	FullName = "85802"
	InteractDistance = "1.5"
	NPCAnimationChooser = "0"
	NPCType = "1"
	PickupOffset = "-0.0977, 0.8128, 0.9583"
	PortraitTextureName = "portrait_helicopter_pilot1.bct"
	ShowUpInNoteBook = "true"
	SkeletonSlotName = "SkeletonPlayer"
	Tier = "2"

Add case zero and scrapped survivors in Chuck's notebook[edit source]


ShowUpInNoteBook = "false" 


ShowUpInNoteBook = "true"

There are duplicate entries for many of the main characters, most of which will crash because they share coding.[Verification needed] In debug mode red warning text flashes across the screen, but the game does not crash.

The maximum number of notebook entries, when all ShowUpInNoteBook are changed from false to true is around 158.

List of attributes[edit source]

For a list of all character attributes in Dead Rising 2, see Mod:Placing characters/list.

List of attributes for characters found in Dead Rising 2\data\datafile.big\items.txt

Zombified characters[edit source]

zombify a character with no zombie model

Iszombifyable = true is in the items.txt file.

If a survivor has a zombie variation, then they'll have another model with the "_zombie" extension.

For example, there is "srv_denyce", and right below it is "srv_denyce_zombie".

If you zombify a character with no zombie model, then you will get a "missing prop" box instead.

the game text has the following lines:

03124 %1 IS NOW UNDEAD

03149 %1 IS NOW UNDEAD

Attempts to rename Zombie Allen with regular Allen file name failed.

Attempts to place walter's zombie on Chuck failed. This only appeared when Chuck was naked.

If the zombie model is renamed with the regular models name in NPCs.big, a terribly distorted character results.

In missions.txt, the line SpawnZombifiedSurvivor = "false" only appears in the cinematic movie 612_jared_death_in_the_field.

cMissionOnTrigger ZombifyJared1
			InnerRadius = "10"
			Location = "-193.641,5.942,-143.018"
			Radius = "10"
			ZombieRotation = "0,0,0,1"
			cMissionCinematic Zombified
				CinematicName = "612_jared_death_in_the_field"
				NoTeleportAfterIsOK = "true"
				cMissionDestroyNPC DestroyJared
					NPCName = "srv_jared"

				cMissionSpawnZombie JaredZombie1
					NumberOfZombies = "1"
					Rotation = "1.243"
					SpawnPoint = "-193.641,5.942,-143.018"
					SpawnZombifiedSurvivor = "false"
					ZombieType = "zombie_skinny"

				cMissionSendEvent Finished1
					Value = "FinishJared"



4cUSAqDP1As|300|left|Denyce as a zombie, "Make sure zombies kill the survivor DO NOT EVER hit the survivor"}} pS62RnfPdC4|300|left}}

Deadrising walter zombie same as regular (2).jpg
Deadrising walter zombie same as regular.jpg

The textures of the zombies are the same as the survivors. Here the zombie survivor Walter's textures are shown.

Characters carry weapons[edit source]

Dead rising mod adding characters WithProp LaserLightSword (2).jpg
Dead rising mod adding characters WithProp LaserLightSword (3).jpg
Dead rising mod adding characters WithProp LaserLightSword (4).jpg
Dead rising mod adding characters WithProp LaserLightSword.jpg

Spawned characters can carry weapons, including combo weapons, add: WithProp = "SpikedBat"

For example:

cMissionSpawnNPC dick00
	DefaultBehaviour = "Idle"
	NPCName = "srv_prologuepawnshop"
	SpawnPoint = "-301,-5.642,-66"
	WithProp = "Machete"

Spawns Dick with a Machete.

Characters immune to zombie grapples[edit source]

Add the following in missions.txt in the mission with the character:

cMissionChangeNPCState No_Zombie_Grapples
 InvulnerableToGrapples = "true"

Idle animations and Hostile Behavior[edit source]

Survivors attack Chuck or rock out

The actual animations are found in: data\anim\survivor_custom\survivor_custom_big

Also in sgraph.txt they are listed in the section:

cGenericAnimState 725

Idle behavior[edit source]

By adding an idle behavior a psychopath will not have their arms out

By changing the line "IdleChooser" you can control what the survivor or psychopath does if they do not have an animation behavior.

This line prevents a psychopath from having their arms out and slowly floating.

There are 4 idlechooser options: 0, 1, 3, and 4.


IdleChooser = "0"

Hands on hips


IdleChooser = "1"


IdleChooser = "3"

Tammy's default.




IdleChooser = "4"

Hands out, every minute the survivor turns and paces before returning to original spot.

Nature[edit source]

Occasionally idlechooser is overridden by the line "nature" which also effects the survivors idle state. Below is a picture of the 7 nature states with Camille. The 7 camilles are all placed in the same location, without any rotation, all of the rotation in the photo is controlled by the nature line. Dead rising nature 7 of idle survivors.png

Attacking animations in safehouse[edit source]

Dead rising attack animation in safe house.jpg

Further information: [1]

Increasing character size[edit source]

Height = "2.5". Gas Zombie is 2.5 times the normal height. Crouched over zombie on the left is normal height

Height = "0.2" for Floyd.

Height = "0.2" for Floyd.

Add Height = "x" to a character in items.txt.

Height does not work for weapons, but works for the weapons that the character is carrying, such as Floyd's guitar (shown below).

  • At 5 times normal height, the cinematic gas zombie head reaches the ceiling.
  • The giant still takes damage but it is uncertain where on his body the giant takes damage. It appears as if the solid body is where it would regularly be if the body was normal sized. This form is invisible, but Chuck can attack this invisible normal sized form, and he cannot walk through it. So although the skin enlarges, the environment which makes the character solid, remains the same size.
  • No action icon to talk to the giant exists.
  • The giant still has the same attack animations but misses hitting the zombies.
  • In items.txt, some characters already have a height (Allen, Jeanna Slick) some do not (Floyd)
  • If two lines for same value, the second line works. A second height was added above the original height, the new height did not work, but a new new height after/below the original height, the new height will work:
Height = "0.7" works:
Height = "1.8034"
Height = "0.7"
Height = "1.8034" works:
Height = "0.7"
Height = "1.8034"
  • Hitting a tiny character (height 0.2) once with a guitar causes that character to disappear, although the talk action icon still appears.

Other characters mentioned in debug string[edit source]

There are other characters mentioned in the debug string, and also in the game text.[3]

notebook and safehouse[edit source]

  • Anyone who is already in or added to the notebook, listed as "Safe", can randomly show up in the safehouse.[Verification needed]

Video[edit source]

BkoIEWGlU0w|300|left|Dengarde's Lush-ious Lady Mod}} 9vTXbrK7oRQ|300|left|Dengarde's new character "Dmitri"}}

Gallery[edit source]

Placing survivors files[edit source]

Instructions and locations to download files.

Behavior[edit source]

Grotesque characters[edit source]

Incomplete characters[edit source]

References[edit source]

  1. The poker sections are removed but in the history of this page, or in User:A/45, possibly deleted but retrievable.
  2. Also scrapped characters
  3. 529 Debug modifications available, Dead Rising 2 PC Mods.

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