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   Opening files to edit (Gibbed)
   Debug Mode
   Swap characters (Model Swap)
   Import Models
    Mod:Dead Rising 1 Files
   Placing characters
     enlarging/ resizing characters
   Create Reskins
   Adding & removing items
     Coordinates/ Rotation
    Resize Enlarge items
   Changing Text
   Weapon modifications
   Texmod: Texmod installation
   Texmod: Download textures
   Texmod: Create Reskins
  Remove missing prop box

List of what each file does

  All game items (items.txt)
   Item animations (PyroEffect)
  All Game Text
  All Missions and cases (missions.txt)
   Times of all missions
    Mission breakdown
  All major packed files (big files)
    Character models (npcs.big)
   Sgraph - animations
   HUD (game player's interface)
   Camera.txt (camera view)
  Zombie models
  Game rules (Frontend)
  Cutscenes (Cinematics.big)
    Royal Flush
    Safe house
    Americana Casino
   Collision - controls solid surfaces
   Excel coordinates of all areas


  See also Gibbed's and Texmod
   Hex Editor

   Infinity Mode
   Work in Progress Mods
   Zombie Mode


Mod:Dead Rising 1 Models all Dead Rising models

A person can import some of the models from other games into Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. Models include everything you see in the game: the mall, stores, weapons, food, survivors, clothing, etc.

Required programsEdit

Dead RISING noesis icon


Export the Dead Rising FilesEdit

All of these steps in this section can be skipped by downloading these five files.


Neosis senor webpage

Noesis is the program used to open and view models.

The models are found in the model/pl/cos folder.

Dead rising cletus model with all texture and model files

Model with all textures listed

Move modelsEdit


Noesis move arm

Click tools >> data viewer >> model 1 >> bones

Scroll down to the bones until it shows the shoulder selected

Click the + on the bone (on the list, not the model)

Click + on the transform offset

click on enabled: 0

It will now become enabled: 1

Click angle

Change y: 0.0000 to Y: 60:0000 or Y: -60.0000 depending on what side of the arm it is.

if you want the arm lower, use a higher number

Autodesk 3d (incomplete)Edit


1GoBJszEMBw|300|left|Delivery Truck - with Noesis see Mod:Import Models}} w8X7x87Jtp8|300|left|}}


External linksEdit


  1. extract all.bat is a text file with only one line:
    for %%i in (*.arc) DO quickbms.exe -o "%%i" "%CD%"
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