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   Opening files to edit (Gibbed)
   Debug Mode
   Swap characters (Model Swap)
   Import Models
    Mod:Dead Rising 1 Files
   Placing characters
     enlarging/ resizing characters
   Create Reskins
   Adding & removing items
     Coordinates/ Rotation
    Resize Enlarge items
   Changing Text
   Weapon modifications
   Texmod: Texmod installation
   Texmod: Download textures
   Texmod: Create Reskins
  Remove missing prop box

List of what each file does

  All game items (items.txt)
   Item animations (PyroEffect)
  All Game Text
  All Missions and cases (missions.txt)
   Times of all missions
    Mission breakdown
  All major packed files (big files)
    Character models (npcs.big)
   Sgraph - animations
   HUD (game player's interface)
   Camera.txt (camera view)
  Zombie models
  Game rules (Frontend)
  Cutscenes (Cinematics.big)
    Royal Flush
    Safe house
    Americana Casino
   Collision - controls solid surfaces
   Excel coordinates of all areas


  See also Gibbed's and Texmod
   Hex Editor

   Infinity Mode
   Work in Progress Mods
   Zombie Mode


Below is an index of all mods on the Proboards forum.

This index would not have been created if not for User:Tacosdebirria.

Dead Rising 2 ModsEdit

Light red background is an Off the Record mod.

Popular mods
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Name Status


Backup of all mods in Reskin Modifications Down
BETA: Jacket Chuck Yamaha and Fox Motocross   Down
Davo's Weapons (Gun Pack Must See & Modded Intro) Online
Umbrella jacket Online
The "Real" Snowflake: White Siberian Tiger Online
Kijuju Survivors Release Thread Down
Chucks Smoke Jacket - Dr1 Chainsaw - Smoke Katana Down
Rising enb *beta* more colorful/less, darker/brighter, add motion blur, depth of field, improved shadows, etc. Down
Case Zero Bowling Shirt Reskin Online
Chuck got a Buzz Cut! Online
Chuck with Black hair Online
Note: The Proboards modding community no longer uses Texmod, see Mod:Create Reskins instead
Texmod: Performance Mod...(Lower Res Textures With Texmod) Down
Texmod: Notebook look for Lulu Barra Online
Texmod: Frank west Down
Texmod: Urban Camo Jacket Online
Texmod: DarkShadow Chuck Greene Online
Texmod: "Chris Plain" Themed Chuck(+Black Edition) Down
Texmod: Rebecca New Suit Online
Texmod: "Shaun Of The Dead" (tattered clothes) Online
Texmod: Undead Chuck Online
Texmod: Swat to "S.T.A.R.S Online
Texmod: K24UK reskins Pack #1 Online
Texmod: Weapons: "Weapon Tex" Gunshop Online
Texmod: Jeans and Tatoos Online
Texmod: Stacey Recolor Down
Texmod: 'Tango' - Rebecca Cutscene Re-skin Down
TexMod: K24UK reskins Pack #2 Online
Texmod: Chuck Yamaha jacket Online
Texmod: Chuck's Honda racing jacket Down
Texmod: Jhonny retexturing for model exchange Online
Texmod: Keyboard icons Online
Playstation Buttons Textures (TexMod) Down

Model ModificationsEdit

Backup of all mods in Model Modifications - to Feb 19, 2011 Online
.Glowing-star-animated. Play with all four DLC outfits Down
.Glowing-star-animated. The Huge Mod-change into all male characters Online
.Glowing-star-animated. The Huge Mod 2 - Chuck's a Chick Online
Survivor Outfits Online
.Glowing-star-animated. Nude Gold Twin over Rebecca (NSFW) Online
.Glowing-star-animated. Chuck's Case Zero Shirt (by Wesyes and Solidcal) Online
Note: use the two huge mods above to play ALL males and females at once - except for the three, currently broken, cutscene and voice survivor mods
Play as Militia Down
Play as Hangerman Down
Play as Deviant Bride Online
Play as Brittany Online
Play as LuLu Online
Play as Soldier 1 Down
Play As Katee Online
Play as Europa Online
Play with Backpack Down
Play as Sullivan Down
Play as Heli Pilot Down
Play as Randy Down
Play as Soldier 2 (Balaclava) Down
Play as The Twins Online
Play as Andy Online
Play as Rebecca Down
Play as Black Chuck Down
Play as Sgt.Boykin Online
Play as Stacey Online
Play as Bunny Rebecca Down
Play as The Looter Online
Play as Cutscene Sullivan Down
Texmod: Play as Cutscene Rebecca Down
Play as Twins voice Down
(Solved) Construction hardhat you can wear? Online
Clothing: MegaMan Helmet? Down
Female Hip Model Fix Down
Re: Handbag to Dufflebag Down
3rd Twin - Triplets Down
Katey from Case Zero Online
MaddaCheeb's Model Swaps Online
Stacey Clothing Switching Mod(outfit/hair update) Down
New SWAT/TIR Outfit Down
Solidcal's Model Swaps and other stuff Online
Nude Playable Twins (DIRECT PLAY) Down
Solidcal's DR2 model Imports released thread Online
The improved female skeleton model Online
Brandon or the Psycho-Hippie Mod^^ Online
Everybody love's Bibi (Replacing all the females with Bibis) Online
Play as the military soldier) Online

Level ModificationsEdit

VEHICLES: Royal Flush Bike Down
Safehouse Exit Closer Down
Change placement of survivor in missions Down
BETA: Weapons: Storage Room 11 Online Never finished
Unlimited Zombrex Online
Convenient Magazines for Poker games Online
Spawn Points: Safehouse teleport Online
Weapons: Safe House - Alot of weapons Down
Boost Mod - improve the performance of the game Online
MOWR - My Own Weapon Room Online
Weapons/Clothing: SafeHouse ADD-On(s) Online
Survivors/Psyc missions extended & rearranged+mor Down
Alternate Outbreak Start Online
(CPB) Conveniently Placed Bikes v1.02 Online
Combo Card Unlock Online
Decreasing Zombies - Mission Success Online
Weapons: Beefy Storage Room 11 + Super Bat Online
Magazine Library all magazines in safehouse Online
Zomboni Tank in fortune_exterior Online
TK Easier Boss Fight Down
Easy to beat game Your mods + my edits Online
Weapons: T.I.R Ball Buster Launcher and Zomboni Online
.Glowing-star-animated. INFINITY MODE 1.0 RELEASED Online
.Glowing-star-animated. ubtri's MOD /Improved Weapons/Money/PP/ + More Online
Weapons: HandGun Buff V2.0 Online
Weapons: Razor Shotgun Down
Vehicles: Super Skateboard Down
Weapons: Extreme Super BFG Online
Vehicles: (HUMMER) Ultimate-MEGA HUMMER (SUV) Online
Pocket Everything Online
Vehicles: Cars unlocked Down
Unlock every door, acquire every key Tutorial
Pack Of Tigers Down
Weapons: The Get The F* Off Me Gloves Online
Passive Zombies Down
Zombie's Health x2, x3, x4 & x5 Down
All survivors hostile Online
Weapons: Flaming Balls! Online
Weapons: Quickdraw (Six Shooter mod) Down
Weapons: Weapon Overhaul (total conversion) Down
Anno's Weapons arena Online
Clothing: All 115 Clothes/Hair in safehouse Online
Less Annoying Survivors Down
10 million money, 5 million PP, all achievements Online
Zombies: Romero's Dead mod start Down
Zombies...x10! Online
Hungry Zombies Down
Multi-Mod V1 Online
Weapon Durability 99999 + food Healthboost 900 Online
Zombie Mode v1.1 Online
vehicular mods Online
All Keys Doors Unlocked Online
Updated M249_Special Fire Ball Launcher Online
Fortune City Security Force (Beta) Online
Romero's Zombies Down
Freeroam mode with/without zombies Online
George Romero Zombies Online
EXTREMELY easy invincibility - infinite health Online
"Realistic" Inventory Storage Down
Zombies: Romero's Dead mod start Down
Less Annoying Survivors Down
Survivor's Don't lose Health While Stranded Discussion

Other ModificationsEdit

Back up of essential dead rising 2 and OTR files Half of the links are down
Back up of essential files
Hud: Remove the green "Local Player Pos Tutorial
Moved: Debug Mode to "Debug Mode Tutorial Tutorial
Remove the Hud Tutorial
Film Noir Online
Wider Field of View and zoom in close to items Online Discussion
New keyboard config (arrow keys instead of wasd) Down
Remove the HUD guide arrow Discussion
Light Saber Sounds Online
MixedMOD (Formerly known as RandomMod) Online
Performance Mod 2 -Beta- Online
Remove the introductions Online
MaddaCheeb's Mod Re-Uploads Online
Street fighter Mod Online
Dead Rising 2 Trainer +49(PC) Trainer
Madda's Case Zero Downloads Online
.Glowing-star-animated. TabMod MK. 3.6 (DLC stuff) 1/1/11 Online
.Glowing-star-animated. TheTommah's Mods (Free DLC) Online
Slow down Timer (New v1.15 Released) Down
Remove all clothing animations when Chuck changes Discussion

Off The Record ModsEdit

Name Status

Reskins - Off the Record Edit

Texmod: Leather jacket for Frank Down
Godot/Armando Styled Suit/Face skin for Frank Down
Texmod: New faces for frank Online
Texmod: Willamette Frank (Freako) Down
Texmod: Willamette Frank V2 (Freako) Down
Texmod: Orange Powertools (Freako) Down
Texmod: Dead Rising 1 Style HUD (Freako) Down
Texmod: Younger psychopath Chuck Online
Texmod: Higher Quality/HD IJEIK jacket for Frank Online
Texmod: Undead Frank Down
High Quality Zombies V2 *UPDATED* Online
Texmod: Frank West as Nick from L4D2 Online
DR1 Like Naked Frank Down

Model Modifications - Off the Record Edit

.Glowing-star-animated. Chuck Mod - replace Frank with Chuck Online
.Glowing-star-animated. Play as younger Dead Rising 1 Frank West Online
.Glowing-star-animated. Mega Man One Outfit Online Tutorial
.Glowing-star-animated. Dolless Psycho Chuck Online
Default Frank slim Online
True Soldier Body Online
TIR fan clothes Down
Ninja Slim Online
Sport Fan Slim Online
Pyscho Chuck replaces Sullivan Online
Model Imports

Duke Nukem: Forever

Resident Evil4 AdaWong - Red Dress

Duke Nukem: Forever Kitty

Dead Rising Jessica McCarney

Willamette Mall Security Uniform Weight Fix Down
New Backpack Clothing Item Down
Underwear Frank Spine Fix Down
Mega Man Helmet Converted From DR1 Down
Tommy Vercetti Player Model Down
Play as L4D Bill Online
Recruitable Katey Online
Improved Willamette Jacket Down
Play as Chris Redfield Online
Journalist Suit!(Converted from Dead Rising 1) Online
DR2 Stacey over OTR Stacey Online
The True Eye Cult Down
TIR Battle suit + Frank underwear Down
Off the Record Sandbox Boss: Brock Mason Down
play as TIR contestant (blue,red,green,yellow) Online
HUNK from resident evil Online
Dead Rising 1 Style Hair/Head for Frank Down
Frank West to Leon Bell Online
Play as Reed Online
Play as Jed Wright Online
NPC DR2 Chuck Greene Online
Stacey in catsuit Online
Play as Solid Snake Online
Boss Chuck over Frank West Online
Mega Man Outfi Online
Resident evil 6 Chris Redfield Online
Resident Evil 6 Sherry & Ultra janky RE6 Ada Online
Naked Frank Online
Play as Lee Everett Down
Protoman Slim Online
Orange Convict Jumpsuit (DR1 Convert) Online
Arthur's Suit of Armor Tutorial
Europa (Chick in the bikini) over Stacey Online
Play as Phoenix Wright Online
Bionic Commando Outfit Online
Better champion jacket V1.0 (weight fix) Online
Solidcal's OTR Model Swaps and other stuff

Chuck Outfit for Frank Slim version

DR2 co-op Champion Jacket for Frank

Chuck's FX sounds Over Frank's

Psychopath Chuck Outfit for Frank Down
Case Zero Outfit by Sol and Wes OTR Online
Frank with Chuck's body (outfit swap mod) Online
Wes' Outfit Emporium Tutorial
Arthurs Suit Armor) Tutorial

Level Modifications - Off the Record Edit

A$$ kicking Lulu in Sandbox Online Tutorial
Extra Weapon Spawns in South Plaza Tutorial
Stadium Cage In Sandbox Tutorial
New Safehouse Entrance/Exit Tutorial
Increased zombie spawns Online
Zombrex + Protoman Stuff in Safehouse Online Tutorial
All unlockable outfits in the safehouse Tutorial
No Time Limit - Missions Online
.Glowing-star-animated. Billsy's Modding Thread Online Tutorial
Walk around the introduction warehouse room where TK and Brandon conspire Online
Combo Card Unlock (OTR Version) Online Tutorial
Yucatan Rooftop Entrance Down
.Glowing-star-animated. Left 4 Dead Rising Online
Safehouse Underwear Vender and Glasses Remover Tutorial
more weapons in safehouse Online Tutorial
Naked Face Dispensers in All Bathrooms Tutorial
George Romero Zombies Online
Less zombies Online
Recruitable Survivors Tutorial
Chuck's Yellow TIR Bike Mod Tutorial
Don't forget to pick up the kids! Online
Bad Bitch Mob Mod V2.5 Online
Ubtris Mod for OTR Online

Weapon Modifications - Off the Record Edit

Real/Fake MegaBuster V0.5 Link down but code available
Mercenary Assault Rifle ACOG Sight Online
Enhanced Massager Attacks Tutorial
.Glowing-star-animated. Tabmod OTR Online
Hold Six Shooter like Pistol Tutorial
Sub Machine Gun (Uzi) UPDATED Online
Mailbomb Tutorial
Queen Gun and Mailbomb Gun! Tutorial
TK's Spiky Microphone Link down but code available
Ammo Backpack Tutorial

Sound Modifications Edit

TK's unused Overtime theme now in OTR Online

Everything Else Edit

.Glowing-star-animated. Play as BBQ Chef, Fireman, Cosplay or cyborg - Free DLC Online
.Glowing-star-animated. For Legit & Steam ver. - BBQ Chef Fireman Cosplay - Free DLC Tutorial
Original DR2 DLC Bonus effects without an outfit Tutorial
No Intro (faster game start) Online
No TIR mod Online
Frank using Chuck's combo scene mod Online
Frank "No Camera" animations Online
8 Survivor Rule - EXE Hacks Tutorial
Better Graphics Online
Enhanced Blood & Gore Mod 2.0 Online
Better Field Of View Online Tutorial
How to remove DOF/Vignette/Luminance variation Tutorial
Agressive zombies v 2.0 Online
More money Online
Less money Online
Pocket everything OTR Version) Online Tutorial
Invincibility and Faster Run Speed Tutorial
Lingon trainer for Off the Record Trainer
Alex Home-made Mods+Combined Mods Online


Item placementEdit

Dead rising Giant Pink Chainsaw
35 new
[1] [ ]
[ ] [ ]


Dead rising gas zombie bust
Aggressive Zombies Passive Zombies Romero's Zombies (head shot required) Zombies x10
Zombie's Health increased Adding and regulating limb explosion chance Changing normal enemy's health Changing zombie appearance & spawning new zombies


Infinity weapons
How to create invincibility - infinite health
How to create unlimited ammo $10 million, 5 million PP, all achievements
35 new weapons
Modding Chuck's stats in items.txt
Improved Weapons, bigger $ stacks, More PP per combo kill
Super weapon durability, Super food health boost
Six Shooter automatic Weapon Overhaul
Gun ammo increased vehicles faster
[ ]


Dead rising Hockey Mask (Dead Rising 2)
The Huge Mod
Change into all male characters*
Chuck's a Chick
Change into all female characters
Survivor Outfits
Change into survivor outfits
Backup of all mods in Reskin All clothing in safehouse
Clothing animations Construction hardhat Tommah's mod
13 new outfits
MegaMan Helmet Wiki:
List of all clothing

Mod progressEdit

Percent done 50 Zombie
Mod2 Boss
Mod3 Dead Rising
2.5 Mod
Mod4 Resident Evil
Themed Mod
Mod5 Case Zero

model importsEdit

<img size=100></img>

Model Imports

Duke Nukem: Forever
Ada Wong
Resident Evil 4
Duke Nukem: Forever
[ ] [ ] <img size=100></img>

Model Imports

Jessica McCarney Brock
As Sandbox boss
Cop Zombie as Evil Stacey [ ]

[ ]

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