Line 1,104: Line 1,104:
|<!--description-->[[Burt Thompson]]
|<!--file name-->npc00.mod
|<!--file name-->npc00.mod
|<!--description-->[[Heather Tompkins]]
|<!--file name-->npc01.mod
|<!--file name-->npc01.mod
|<!--description-->[[Natalie Meyer]]
|<!--file name-->npc02.mod
|<!--file name-->npc02.mod
Line 1,120: Line 1,120:
|<!--description-->[[Aaron Swoop]]
|<!--file name-->npc04.mod
|<!--file name-->npc04.mod
|<!--description-->[[Jeff Meyer]]
|<!--file name-->npc05.mod
|<!--file name-->npc05.mod
|<!--description-->[[Pamela Tompkins]]
|<!--file name-->npc06.mod
|<!--file name-->npc06.mod

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There are 1,066 models in the extracted Dead Rising files.

Clothing (cos) models are found in the model/pl/cos folder

Description File
Dead rising Shirtless with Blue Boxers and Barefoot.png Shirtless with Blue Boxers and Barefoot cos000.mod

Dead rising Frank's Default Clothing.png Frank's Default Clothing cos001.mod
Cos002.jpg Brown Jacket with Fur Trim Tan Shirt and Black Pants cos002.mod
Cos003.jpg Black and White Sleeveless Sports Top with Black and Grey Shorts cos003.mod
Cos004.jpg Red and White Sleeveless Shirt with Red and Black Checkered Shorts cos004.mod
Cos005.jpg Suit with White Dress Shirt, Black Tie, and Grey Dress Pants cos005.mod
Cos006.jpg Black and Brown Checkered Dress Shirt, Black Tie, and Striped Pants cos006.mod
Cos007.jpg Grey Business Suit with Striped Tie cos007.mod
Cos008.jpg White Business Suit and Striped Tie cos008.mod
Cos009.jpg Yellow Suit with Yellow Striped Tie cos009.mod
Cos010.jpg White Skirt cos010.mod
Cos011.jpg Black Skirt cos011.mod
Dead rising Pink Skirt.png Pink Skirt cos012.mod
Cos013.jpg Purple Dress cos013.mod
Cos014.jpg White Teddy cos014.mod
Dead rising Black Sundress with Red Roses.png Black Sundress with Red Roses cos015.mod
Cos016.jpg Blue and White Flowery Dress cos016.mod
Cos017.jpg Red and Grey Ratman T-shirt with Brown Shorts cos017.mod
Cos018.jpg Green Ratman T-shirt and Blue Jean Shorts cos018.mod
Cos019.jpg Pink and Black Striped T-shirt with Pink Jean Shorts cos019.mod
Cos020.jpg Blue T-shirt with White Stars and Red Shorts cos020.mod
Cos021.jpg Miami Nights Outfit cos021.mod
Cos022.jpg Casual Outfit cos022.mod
Cos023.jpg USA Track Outfit cos023.mod
Cos024.jpg Black and White Spandex Track Suit cos024.mod
Cos025.jpg Tan Camouflage Vest with Dark Brown Shorts cos025.mod
Cos026.jpg Blue Vest with Tan Shorts cos026.mod
Cos027.jpg Mega Man Torso cos027.mod
Cos028.jpg Weekender Outfit cos028.mod
Cos029.jpg 100px cos029.mod
Cos030.jpg Strike Outfit cos030.mod
Cos031.jpg Accountant Outfit cos031.mod
Cos032.jpg Ammo Belt cos032.mod
Cos033.jpg Pink Paparazzi Outfit cos033.mod
Cos034.jpg Grandpa Outfit cos034.mod
Cos035.jpg Arthur's Boxers cos035.mod
Cos036.jpg Prisoner Outfit cos036.mod
Cos037.jpg Mall Employee Uniform cos037.mod
Cos038.jpg Burgundy Wine Outfit cos038.mod
Cos039.jpg Cold Hearted Snake Outfit cos039.mod
Cos040.jpg Pure White Outfit cos040.mod
Cos041.jpg Special Forces Uniform cos041.mod
Cos042.jpg Wrestling Shorts cos042.mod
Dead rising Bare Feet.png Bare Feet cos100.mod
Dead rising unknown brown loafers.png Frank's Default Shoes? cos101.mod
Dead rising White Dress Shoes.png White Dress Shoes cos102.mod
Dead rising Black Dress Shoes with Purple Socks.png Black Dress Shoes with Purple Socks cos103.mod
Dead rising Red and Black Running Shoes.png Red and Black Running Shoes cos104.mod
Dead rising White and Red Lowtops with Soccer Socks.png White and Red Lowtops with Soccer Socks cos105.mod
Dead rising Orange Lowtops with White Pearl Anklet.png Orange Lowtops with White Pearl Anklet cos106.mod
Dead rising Special Forces Boots.png Special Forces Boots cos107.mod
Dead rising Mega Man Boots.png Mega Man Boots cos108.mod
Dead rising Pro Wrestling Boots.png Pro Wrestling Boots cos109.mod
Cos110.jpg cos110.mod
Cos200.jpg Default hair cos200.mod
Cos201.jpg Brown Hair Dye cos201.mod
Cos202.jpg Mega Man Helmet cos202.mod
Cos203.jpg Grey Hair Dye cos203.mod
Cos204.jpg Light Brown Hair Dye cos204.mod
Cos205.jpg Red Hair Dye cos205.mod
Cos206.jpg Default hair cos206.mod
Cos207.jpg Black Baseball Cap cos207.mod
Cos208.jpg Blue and White Baseball Cap cos208.mod
Cos209.jpg Brown Fedora cos209.mod
Cos210.jpg Black Fedora cos210.mod
Cos211.jpg White Hat cos211.mod
Cos212.jpg White hair model cos212.mod
Cos213.jpg White hair model cos213.mod
Cos214.jpg Ghoul Mask cos214.mod
Cos215.jpg Horse Mask cos215.mod
Cos216.jpg Teddy Bear Mask cos216.mod
Cos217.jpg Servbot Mask cos217.mod
Cos218.jpg White hair model cos218.mod
Cos219.jpg Cop Hat cos219.mod
Cos301.jpg Grey Sunglasses cos301.mod
Cos302.jpg Dark Tinted Wire-Frame Glasses cos302.mod
Cos303.jpg Grey Rimless Wire-Frame Glasses cos303.mod
Cos304.jpg Red Armless Sunglasses cos304.mod
Cos305.jpg Silver Rimless Wire-Frame Glasses cos305.mod
Cos306.jpg Black and Orange Sunglasses cos306.mod
Cos307.jpg Hockey Mask cos307.mod
Cos308.jpg Grey Sunglasses cos308.mod
Cos309.jpg Grey Sunglasses cos309.mod
Cos310.jpg Round Shades cos310.mod
Cos311.jpg Grey Sunglasses cos311.mod
Cos312.jpg White glasses cos312.mod
Cos313.jpg White glasses cos313.mod
Cos314.jpg Grey Sunglasses cos314.mod
Cos315.jpg White glasses cos315.mod
Cos316.jpg White glasses cos316.mod
Cos317.jpg White glasses cos317.mod
Cos318.jpg White glasses cos318.mod
Cos319.jpg White glasses cos319.mod
Cos401.jpg Watch cos401.mod
Cos402.jpg Rhinestone cos402.mod
Cos403.jpg Rhinestone cos403.mod
Cos500.jpg Camera cos500.mod
Cos501.jpg Camera cos501.mod
Cos502.jpg Camera cos502.mod

Three objects: rock and glasses

Efm np9a.jpg Sid's Glasses efm_np9a.mod
Efm0056.jpg Rock efm0056.mod
Efm008f gum.jpg efm008f_gum.mod

Psychopaths and zombies

Em00.jpg Zombies em00.mod
Em01.jpg Zombies em01.mod
Em02.jpg Zombies em02.mod
Em03.jpg Zombies em03.mod
Em04.jpg Zombies em04.mod
Em08.jpg Zombies em08.mod
Em20.jpg Zombies em20.mod
Em40.jpg Zombies em40.mod
Em41.jpg Brock Mason em41.mod
Em41g.jpg Brock Mason em41g.mod
Em43.jpg True Eye em43.mod
Em44.jpg Sean Keanan em44.mod
Em44g.jpg Sean Keanan em44g.mod
Em45.jpg Kent em45.mod
Em45g.jpg Kent em45g.mod
Em46.jpg Cliff Hudson em46.mod
Em46g.jpg Cliff Hudson em46g.mod
Em47.jpg Paul Carson em47.mod
Em47g.jpg Paul Carson em47g.mod
Em48.jpg Adam MacIntyre em48.mod
Em48g.jpg Adam MacIntyre em48g.mod
Em49.jpg Larry Chiang em49.mod
Em49g.jpg Larry Chiang em49g.mod
Em4a.jpg Steven Chapman em4a.mod
Em4ag.jpg Steven Chapman em4ag.mod
Em4b.jpg Jo Slade em4b.mod
Em4bg.jpg Jo em4bg.mod
Em4c.jpg Sam Franklin em4c.mod
Em4d.jpg Reginald Jenkins em4d.mod
Em4dg.jpg Reginald Jenkins em4dg.mod
Em4e.jpg Miguel Sanchez em4e.mod
Em4f.jpg Cletus Samson em4f.mod
Em4fg.jpg Cletus Samson em4fg.mod
Em50.jpg Helicopter em50.mod
Em57.jpg Roger Hall em57.mod
Em57g.jpg Hall em57g.mod
Em58.jpg Hall em58.mod
Em58g.jpg Hall em58g.mod
Em59.jpg Hall em59.mod
Em59g.jpg Hall em59g.mod
Em5a.jpg Special Forces Drone em5a.mod

Survivors and zombies (evh)

Dead rising connie full.png Connie evh000.mod
Dead rising dakota full.png Dakota evh001.mod
Evh002.jpg Zombie evh002.mod
Evh003.jpg Zombie evh003.mod
Evh004.jpg Ed DeLuca evh004.mod
Evh005.jpg Zombie fat cop evh005.mod
Evh007.jpg Zombie fat woman evh007.mod
Evh008.jpg Zombie Hawaiian shirt evh008.mod
Evh009.jpg Zombie evh009.mod
Evh00a.jpg Special_Forces_Escort#See_also evh00a.mod
Evh00b.jpg Zombie evh00b.mod
Evh00c.jpg Jessie Zombie evh00c.mod
Evh00d.jpg Barnaby Zombie evh00d.mod
Evh00e.jpg Special_Forces_Escort#See_also evh00e.mod
Evh00f.jpg Zombie evh00f.mod
Evh010.jpg Zombie evh010.mod
Evh012.jpg Zombie evh012.mod
Evh013.jpg Zombie evh013.mod
Evh014.jpg Zombie evh014.mod
Evh015.jpg Zombie evh015.mod
Evh017.jpg Zombie evh017.mod
Evh018.jpg Zombie evh018.mod
Evh019.jpg Zombie evh019.mod
Evh01a.jpg Zombie evh01a.mod
Evh01b.jpg Zombie evh01b.mod
Evh01c.jpg Zombie evh01c.mod
Evh01d.jpg Zombie evh01d.mod
Evh01e.jpg Zombie evh01e.mod
Evh01f.jpg Zombie evh01f.mod
Evh020.jpg True Eye evh020.mod
Evh021.jpg True Eye evh021.mod
Evh022.jpg True Eye evh022.mod
Evh023.jpg Special_Forces_Escort#See_also evh023.mod
Evh024.jpg Special_Forces_Escort#See_also gas mask evh024.mod
Evh025.jpg Zombie headless evh025.mod
Evh026.jpg Zombie headless evh026.mod
Evh02a.jpg Zombie headless evh02a.mod
Evh02b.jpg Zombie headless evh02b.mod
Evh02c.jpg Zombie headless evh02c.mod
Evh02e.jpg Zombie headless evh02e.mod
Evh02f.jpg Zombie headless evh02f.mod
Evh034.jpg Zombie headless evh034.mod
Evh035.jpg Zombie jaw evh035.mod


Evo000.jpg Semi truck in Dakota and Connie introduction evo000.mod
Evo001.jpg Station wagon in Dakota and Connie introduction evo001.mod
Evo002.jpg Helicopter in Dakota and Connie introduction evo002.mod
Evo003.jpg Frog in Dakota and Connie introduction evo003.mod
Evo004.jpg Colorado Aspens hat worn by Dakota in Dakota and Connie introduction evo004.mod
EVO005.jpg Helicopter EVO005.mod
Evo008.jpg evo008.mod
Evo009.jpg evo009.mod
Evo00b.jpg evo00b.mod
Evo00c.jpg evo00c.mod
Evo00d.jpg evo00d.mod
Evo00e.jpg evo00e.mod
Evo00f.jpg evo00f.mod
Evo010.jpg evo010.mod
Evo011.jpg evo011.mod
Evo016.jpg evo016.mod
Evo017.jpg evo017.mod
Evo018.jpg evo018.mod
Evo019.jpg evo019.mod
Evo01a.jpg evo01a.mod
Evo01b.jpg evo01b.mod
Evo01c.jpg evo01c.mod
Evo01d.jpg evo01d.mod
Evo01f.jpg evo01f.mod
Evo020.jpg evo020.mod
Evo021.jpg evo021.mod
Evo022.jpg evo022.mod
Evo023.jpg evo023.mod
Evo024.jpg evo024.mod
Evo025.jpg evo025.mod
Evo026.jpg evo026.mod
Evo027.jpg evo027.mod
Evo028.jpg evo028.mod
Evo029.jpg evo029.mod
Evo02a.jpg Space Rider Card evo02a.mod
Evo02b.jpg evo02b.mod
Evo02c.jpg evo02c.mod
Evo02e.jpg evo02e.mod
Evo02f.jpg evo02f.mod
Evo02f.jpg evo02f.mod
Evo030.jpg evo030.mod
Evo031.jpg evo031.mod
Evo032.jpg evo032.mod
Evo033.jpg evo033.mod
Evo035.jpg evo035.mod
Evo036.jpg evo036.mod
Evo037.jpg evo037.mod
Evo038.jpg evo038.mod
Evo039.jpg evo039.mod
Evo03a.jpg evo03a.mod
Evo03b.jpg evo03b.mod
Evo03c.jpg evo03c.mod
Evo03d.jpg evo03d.mod
Evo03e.jpg evo03e.mod
Evo03f.jpg evo03f.mod
Evo040.jpg evo040.mod
Evo041.jpg evo041.mod
Evo042.jpg evo042.mod
Evo043.jpg evo043.mod
Evo044.jpg evo044.mod
Evo046.jpg evo046.mod
Evo047.jpg Carlito's Locket evo047.mod
Evo048.jpg evo048.mod
Evo04a.jpg evo04a.mod
Evo04d.jpg evo04d.mod
Evo04e.jpg evo04e.mod
Evo04f.jpg evo04f.mod


Glass200.jpg glass200.mod
Glass300.jpg glass300.mod
Glass400.jpg glass400.mod
Glass500.jpg glass500.mod
Glass700.jpg glass700.mod
Glass900.jpg glass900.mod
Glassa00.jpg glassa00.mod


Npc00.jpg Burt Thompson npc00.mod
Npc01.jpg Heather Tompkins npc01.mod
Npc02.jpg Natalie Meyer npc02.mod
Npc03.jpg npc03.mod
Npc04.jpg Aaron Swoop npc04.mod
Npc05.jpg Jeff Meyer npc05.mod
Npc06.jpg Pamela Tompkins npc06.mod
Npc07.jpg npc07.mod
Npc08.jpg npc08.mod
Npc09.jpg npc09.mod
Npc0a.jpg npc0a.mod
Npc0b.jpg npc0b.mod
Npc0c.jpg Leah Stein npc0c.mod
Npc0d.jpg npc0d.mod
Npc0e.jpg npc0e.mod
Npc0f.jpg npc0f.mod
Npc10.jpg npc10.mod
Npc11.jpg npc11.mod
Npc12.jpg npc12.mod
Npc13.jpg npc13.mod
Npc14.jpg npc14.mod
Npc15.jpg npc15.mod
Npc16.jpg npc16.mod
Npc17.jpg Leroy McKenna npc17.mod
Npc18.jpg npc18.mod
Npc19.jpg Gil npc19.mod
Npc1a.jpg npc1a.mod
Npc1b.jpg npc1b.mod
Npc1d.jpg npc1d.mod
Npc1f.jpg npc1f.mod
Npc1fg.jpg npc1fg.mod
Npc20.jpg npc20.mod
Npc20g.jpg npc20g.mod
Npc40.jpg npc40.mod
Npc40g.jpg npc40g.mod
Npc42.jpg npc42.mod
Npc42g.jpg npc42g.mod
Npc44.jpg npc44.mod
Npc44g.jpg npc44g.mod
Npc45.jpg npc45.mod
Npc46.jpg npc46.mod
Npc46g.jpg npc46g.mod
Npc4a.jpg npc4a.mod
Npc4b.jpg npc4b.mod
Npc4c.jpg npc4c.mod
Npc4d.jpg Barbara Patterson npc4d.mod
Npc4e.jpg npc4e.mod
Npc4f.jpg npc4f.mod
Npc4fg.jpg npc4fg.mod
Npc50.jpg npc50.mod
Npc50g.jpg npc50g.mod
Npc52.jpg npc52.mod
Npc52g.jpg npc52g.mod
Npc54.jpg npc54.mod
Npc56.jpg npc56.mod
Npc56g.jpg npc56g.mod
Npc57.jpg npc57.mod
Npc59.jpg npc59.mod
Npc5a.jpg npc5a.mod
Npc80.jpg npc80.mod
Npc80g.jpg npc80g.mod
Npc81.jpg Jessica McCarney npc81.mod
Npc81g.jpg Jessica McCarney npc81g.mod
Npc82.jpg npc82.mod
Npc82g.jpg npc82g.mod
Npc82g.jpg npc82g.mod
Npc83.jpg npc83.mod
Npc83g.jpg npc83g.mod
Npc84.jpg npc84.mod
Npc84g.jpg npc84g.mod
Npc85.jpg npc85.mod
Npc85g.jpg npc85g.mod
Npc86.jpg Otis npc86.mod
Npc86g.jpg Otis npc86g.mod
Npc87.jpg npc87.mod
Npc87g.jpg npc87g.mod
Npc8c.jpg npc8c.mod
Npc8cg.jpg npc8cg.mod
Npc8cg.jpg npc8cg.mod
Npc8e.jpg npc8e.mod
Npc8eg.jpg npc8eg.mod
Npc8f.jpg npc8f.mod
Npc90.jpg npc90.mod
Npc90g.jpg npc90g.mod
Npc91.jpg npc91.mod
Npc91g.jpg npc91g.mod
Npc92.jpg npc92.mod
Npc93.jpg npc93.mod
Npc94.jpg npc94.mod
Npc95.jpg npc95.mod
Npc96.jpg npc96.mod
Npc97.jpg npc97.mod
Npc98.jpg npc98.mod
Npc99.jpg npc99.mod
Npc9a.jpg Sid npc9a.mod
Npc9c.jpg npc9c.mod
Npc9cg.jpg npc9cg.mod
Npc9d.jpg npc9d.mod
Npc9dg.jpg npc9dg.mod
Npc9e.jpg npc9e.mod
Npc9eg.jpg npc9eg.mod
Npc9f.jpg npc9f.mod
Npcaa.jpg npcaa.mod

All items - weapons food doors

Om000a.jpg Shovel om000a.mod
Om000b.jpg Push Broom and Push Broom Handle om000b.mod
Om000c.jpg Remote Mine (Dead Rising) om000c.mod
Om000d.jpg Laser Sword om000d.mod
Om000e.jpg Notebook om000e.mod
Om000f.jpg Paint Can om000f.mod

Om00a1.jpg Trapdoor om00a1.mod
Om00a2.jpg Watch hand om00a2.mod
Om00a3.jpg Electric Guitar om00a3.mod
Om00a5.jpg Carlos's Sniper rifle om00a5.mod
Om00a6.jpg Real Mega Buster om00a6.mod
Om00a7.jpg Pipe Bomb used by Paul Carson om00a7.mod
Om00a8.jpg Machinegun om00a8.mod
Om00a9.jpg Sniper Rifle om00a9.mod
Om00aa.jpg Blank om00aa.mod
Om00ab.jpg Fire extinguisher box om00ab.mod
Om00ac.jpg Meat Cleaver om00ac.mod
Om00ad.jpg Machete bloody om00ad.mod
Om00ae.jpg Molotov Cocktail om00ae.mod
Om00af.jpg ?? om00af.mod
Om00b1.jpg om00b1.mod
Om00b3.jpg ?? Red item shaped like dynamite om00b3.mod
Om00b4.jpg Ceremonial Sword om00b4.mod
Om00b5.jpg Bear Mask om00b5.mod
Om00b6.jpg Horse Mask om00b6.mod
Om00b7.jpg Servbot Mask om00b7.mod
Om00b8.jpg Ghoul Mask om00b8.mod
Om00B9.jpg Saw Blade om00B9.mod
Om00ba.jpg Frank's Camera om00ba.mod
Om00bb.jpg Tank om00bb.mod
Om00bc.jpg Shampoo om00bc.mod
Om00bd.jpg Pet Food om00bd.mod
Om00be.jpg Cookies om00be.mod
Om00bf.jpg Baking Ingredients om00bf.mod
Om00c0.jpg Cooking Oil om00c0.mod
Om00c1.jpg Condiment om00c1.mod
Om00c2.jpg Canned Sauce om00c2.mod
Om00c3.jpg Canned Food om00c3.mod
Om00c4.jpg Canned Drinks om00c4.mod
Om00c5.jpg Vegetables, Frozen om00c5.mod
Om00c6.jpg Apple om00c6.mod
Om00c7.jpg Ice Pops om00c7.mod
Om00c8.jpg Milk om00c8.mod
Om00c9.jpg Toolbox om00c9.mod
Om00ca.jpg Smokestack om00ca.mod
Om00cb.jpg Step Ladder om00cb.mod
Om00cc.jpg Nail Gun om00cc.mod
Om00cd.jpg Mailbox om00cd.mod
Om00ce.jpg Skylight om00ce.mod
Om00cf.jpg Excavator om00cf.mod
Om00d2.jpg Unused Beam Gun om00d2.mod
Om00D3.jpg Painting om00D3.mod
Om00d5.jpg Mega Buster Toy om00d5.mod
Om00D6.jpg Painting Landscape om00D6.mod
Om00D7.jpg Painting Nude om00D7.mod
Om00D8.jpg Painting Old woman om00D8.mod
Om00D9.jpg Store Display om00D9.mod
Om00da.jpg Hunk Of Meat Cacasian om00da.mod
Om00db.jpg Hunk Of Meat White om00db.mod
Om00dc.jpg Hunk Of Meat Black om00dc.mod
Om00dd.jpg Thin wire om00dd.mod
Om00de.jpg Key om00de.mod
Om00e0.jpg Unused knife? om00e0.mod
Om00e2.jpg Out of Control stuffed boy om00e2.mod
Om00e3.jpg Out of Control stuffed girl om00e3.mod
Om00E4.jpg Perfume Prop om00E4.mod
Om00E5.jpg Lipstick Prop om00E5.mod
Om00e6.jpg Heart om00e6.mod
Om00e7.jpg Cooking Book om00e7.mod
Om00e8.jpg Lifestyle Magazine om00e8.mod
Om00e9.jpg Engineering Book om00e9.mod
Om00ea.jpg Sports om00ea.mod
Om00eb.jpg Criminal Biography Book om00eb.mod
Om00ec.jpg Travel Book om00ec.mod
Om00ed.jpg Interior Design Book om00ed.mod
Om00ef.jpg Entertainment Book om00ef.mod
Om00f0.jpg Camera 1 om00f0.mod
Om00f1.jpg Skateboard Book om00f1.mod
Om00f2.jpg Wartime Photography om00f2.mod
Om00f3.jpg Weekly Photo Magazine om00f3.mod
Om00f4.jpg Horror Novel 1 om00f4.mod
Om00f5.jpg World News om00f5.mod
Om00f6.jpg Health 1 om00f6.mod
Om00f7.jpg Cycling om00f7.mod
Om00f8.jpg Health 1 om00f8.mod
Om00f9.jpg Horror Novel 1 om00f9.mod
Om00fa.jpg UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter missle om00fa.mod
Om00fb.jpg Adam's balloon om00fb.mod
Om00fc.jpg Exlosive Device om00fc.mod
Om00fd.jpg Delivery Truck om00fd.mod
Om00ff.jpg Key om00ff.mod
Om0001.jpg Pylon om0001.mod
Om0002.jpg Shopping Cart om0002.mod
Om0004.jpg Baseball Bat om0004.mod
Om0005.jpg Garbage Can om0005.mod
Om0006.jpg King Salmon om0006.mod
Om0008.jpg Zucchini om0008.mod
Om0009.jpg Convertible om0009.mod
Om0011.jpg Hockey Stick om0011.mod
Om0012.jpg Bus from introduction om0012.mod
Om0013.jpg Handbag om0013.mod
Om0014.jpg Chair (Brown Wooden) om0014.mod
Om0015.jpg Knife om0015.mod
Om0016.jpg Fire shooter om0016.mod
Om0017.jpg Skateboard om0017.mod
Om0018.jpg Chair (Bright Orange Sofa) om0018.mod
Om0019.jpg Japanese Conversation om0019.mod
Om001A.jpg Battle Axe om001A.mod
Om001b.jpg Oil Bucket om001b.mod
Om001c.jpg Cash Register om001c.mod
Om001d.jpg Queen bee alone om001d.mod
Om001e.jpg Propane Tank om001e.mod
Om0020.jpg Bass Guitar om0020.mod
Om0021.jpg Acoustic Guitar om0021.mod
Om0022.jpg Corn om0022.mod
Om0023.jpg Grenade om0023.mod
Om0024.jpg Water Gun om0024.mod
Om0025.jpg Heavy Machinegun om0025.mod
Om0026.jpg Toy Laser Sword om0026.mod
Om0027.jpg Pick Ax om0027.mod
Om0028.jpg Key om0028.mod
Om0029.jpg Chair om0029.mod
Om002a.jpg Melon om002a.mod
Om002b.jpg Wrestling Book om002b.mod
Om002c.jpg Golf Club om002c.mod
Om002d.jpg Soccer Ball om002d.mod
Om002e.jpg Cabbage om002e.mod
Om002f.jpg Snacks om002f.mod
Om0030.jpg Japanese Radish om0030.mod
Om0031.jpg Chainsaw, small om0031.mod
Om0032.jpg Bazooka om0032.mod
Om0033.jpg Lettuce om0033.mod
Om0034.jpg Meat, Raw om0034.mod
Om0035.jpg Sports drink om0035.mod
Om0036.jpg Fireshooter om0036.mod
Om0037.jpg Bloody club om0037.mod
Om0038.jpg Shelf om0038.mod
Om0039.jpg Fire Extinguisher om0039.mod
Om003a.jpg Baguette om003a.mod
Om003B.jpg Sausage Rack om003B.mod
Om003c.jpg Melon om003c.mod
Om003d.jpg Grapefruit om003d.mod
Om003e.jpg Photography 2 om003e.mod
Om003f.jpg Body part om003f.mod
Om0040.jpg Case 8-4: The Butcher meat on hooks om0040.mod
Om0041.jpg Case 8-4: The Butcher cart?? om0041.mod
Om0042.jpg Parasol om0042.mod
Om0043.jpg Fire Ax om0043.mod
Om0044.jpg Sledgehammer om0044.mod
Om0045.jpg Frying Pan om0045.mod
Om0046.jpg Katana om0046.mod
Om0047.jpg Chainsaw om0047.mod
Om0048.jpg Board om0048.mod
Om0049.jpg Boomerang om0049.mod
Om004a.jpg Dumbbell om004a.mod
Om004b.jpg Wine om004b.mod
Om004c.jpg Electric Guitar om004c.mod
Om004d.jpg Bucket om004d.mod
Om004e.jpg Plates om004e.mod
Om004f.jpg Hanger om004f.mod
Om0050.jpg Orange om0050.mod
Om0051.jpg Potted Plant (Small fern) om0051.mod
Om0052.jpg Bench om0052.mod
Om0053.jpg Steel Shelving om0053.mod
Om0054.jpg Shotgun om0054.mod
Om0055.jpg Chair green om0055.mod
Om0056.jpg Rock om0056.mod
Om0058.jpg Orange Juice om0058.mod
Om0059.jpg Milk om0059.mod
Om005a.jpg Coffee Creamer om005a.mod
Om005b.jpg Molotov Cocktail om005b.mod
Om005c.jpg om005c.mod
Om005d.jpg Glass om005d.mod
Om005e.jpg Glass om005e.mod
Om005f.jpg Frank's Camera om005f.mod
Om0060.jpg om0060.mod
Om0061.jpg Weapons Cart om0061.mod
Om0062.jpg om0062.mod
Om0063.jpg om0063.mod
Om0064.jpg om0064.mod
Om0065.jpg om0065.mod
Om0066.jpg om0066.mod
Om0067.jpg om0067.mod
Om0068.jpg om0068.mod
Om0069.jpg om0069.mod
Om006a.jpg om006a.mod
Om006B.jpg om006B.mod
Om006C.jpg om006C.mod
Om006E.jpg om006E.mod
Om006f.jpg Handgun om006f.mod
Om0071.jpg om0071.mod
Om0072.jpg om0072.mod
Om0073.jpg om0073.mod
Om0074.jpg om0074.mod
Om0075.jpg om0075.mod
Om0076.jpg om0076.mod
Om0077.jpg om0077.mod
Om0078.jpg om0078.mod
Om0079.jpg Handgun om0079.mod
Om007a.jpg om007a.mod
Om007b.jpg om007b.mod
Om007c.jpg Handgun clip om007c.mod
Om007d.jpg om007d.mod
Om007e.jpg om007e.mod
Om007F.jpg om007F.mod
Om0080.jpg Submachine Gun om0080.mod
Om0081.jpg om0081.mod
Om0082.jpg om0082.mod
Om0083.jpg om0083.mod
Om0084.jpg om0084.mod
Om0085.jpg om0085.mod
Om0086.jpg om0086.mod
Om0087.jpg om0087.mod
Om0088.jpg om0088.mod
Om0089.jpg om0089.mod
Om008a.jpg om008a.mod
Om008b.jpg om008b.mod
Om008c.jpg om008c.mod
Om008d.jpg handgun om008d.mod
Om008e.jpg handgun om008e.mod
Om008f.jpg om008f.mod
Om0090.jpg om0090.mod
Om0091.jpg om0091.mod
Om0092.jpg om0092.mod
Om0093.jpg om0093.mod
Om0094.jpg om0094.mod
Om0095.jpg om0095.mod
Om0096.jpg om0096.mod
Om0097.jpg om0097.mod
Om0098.jpg om0098.mod
Om0098.jpg om0098.mod
Om0099.jpg om0099.mod
Om009a.jpg om009a.mod
Om009b.jpg om009b.mod
Om009c.jpg om009c.mod
Om009d.jpg om009d.mod
Om009e.jpg om009e.mod
Om009f.jpg om009f.mod
Om0100.jpg om0100.mod
Om0101.jpg om0101.mod
Om0102.jpg om0102.mod
Om0103.jpg om0103.mod
Om0104.jpg om0104.mod
Om0105.jpg om0105.mod
Om0106.jpg om0106.mod
Om0107.jpg om0107.mod
Om0108.jpg om0108.mod
Om0109.jpg om0109.mod
Om010a.jpg om010a.mod
Om010b.jpg om010b.mod
Om010C.jpg om010C.mod
Om010d.jpg door om010d.mod
Om010e.jpg door om010e.mod
Om010f.jpg door om010f.mod
Om0110.jpg A Strange Group mannequin om0110.mod
Om0111.jpg door om0111.mod
Om0112.jpg door om0112.mod
Om0113.jpg door om0113.mod
Om0114.jpg door om0114.mod
Om0115.jpg door om0115.mod
Om0116.jpg door om0116.mod
Om0117.jpg store bars om0117.mod
Om0118.jpg door om0118.mod
Om011b.jpg hatch om011b.mod
Om011c.jpg door om011c.mod
Om011d.jpg door om011d.mod
Om011e.jpg door - drop down om011e.mod
Om011f.jpg Space Rider - ride om011f.mod
Om0120.jpg bar door om0120.mod
Om0121.jpg locker door om0121.mod
Om0122.jpg rack om0122.mod
Om0123.jpg rusty pipe om0123.mod
Om0124.jpg servbot pp bonus om0124.mod
Om0125.jpg magazine rack om0125.mod
Om0127.jpg punching bag om0127.mod
Om0128.jpg helicopter inner body - Overtime Mode? om0128.mod
Om0129.jpg weight lifting equipment om0129.mod
Om012a.jpg door Flexin' - sliding om012a.mod
Om012b.jpg treadmill om012b.mod
Om012d.jpg foot pedal om012d.mod
Om012e.jpg Paradise Plaza bee statue parts om012e.mod
Om0130.jpg blue chair om0130.mod
Om0131.jpg wooden door om0131.mod
Om0132.jpg om0132.mod
Om0133.jpg om0133.mod
Om0134.jpg om0134.mod
Om0135.jpg om0135.mod
Om0136.jpg om0136.mod
Om0137.jpg om0137.mod
Om0138.jpg om0138.mod
Om013A.jpg om013A.mod
Om013B.jpg om013B.mod
Om013c.jpg om013c.mod
Om013d.jpg om013d.mod
Om013e.jpg om013e.mod
Om013f.jpg om013f.mod
Om0140.jpg om0140.mod
Om0141.jpg om0141.mod
Om0142.jpg om0142.mod
Om0143.jpg om0143.mod
Om0144.jpg om0144.mod
Om0145.jpg om0145.mod
Om0146.jpg om0146.mod
Om0147.jpg om0147.mod
Om0148.jpg om0148.mod
Om0200.jpg om0200.mod
Om0205.jpg om0205.mod
Om0206.jpg om0206.mod
Om0207.jpg om0207.mod
Om0208.jpg om0208.mod
Om0209.jpg om0209.mod
Om020a.jpg om020a.mod
Om020b.jpg om020b.mod
Om020c.jpg om020c.mod
Om020d.jpg om020d.mod
Om020e.jpg om020e.mod
Om020f.jpg om020f.mod
Om0210.jpg om0210.mod
Om0211.jpg om0211.mod
Om0212.jpg om0212.mod
Om0213.jpg om0213.mod
Om0214.jpg om0214.mod
Om0215.jpg om0215.mod
Om0216.jpg om0216.mod
Om0217.jpg om0217.mod
Om0218.jpg om0218.mod
Om0219.jpg om0219.mod
Om021a.jpg om021a.mod
Om021b.jpg om021b.mod
Om021c.jpg om021c.mod
Om021d.jpg om021d.mod
Om021e.jpg om021e.mod
Om021f.jpg om021f.mod
Om0220.jpg om0220.mod
Om0221.jpg Handcuffs om0221.mod
Om0222.jpg Blender om0222.mod
Om0223.jpg Coffee Filters om0223.mod
Om0224.jpg Magnifying Glass om0224.mod
Om0225.jpg Camp Stove om0225.mod
Om0226.jpg Developing Solution om0226.mod
Om0227.jpg Perfume Bottle om0227.mod
Om0228.jpg Cold Spray om0228.mod
Om0229.jpg Cliff's Hanging Guy om0229.mod
Om022a.jpg om022a.mod
Om022b.jpg om022b.mod
Om022c.jpg om022c.mod
Om022d.jpg om022d.mod
Om022d.jpg om022d.mod
Om022e.jpg om022e.mod
Om022f.jpg om022f.mod
Om0230.jpg om0230.mod
Om0231.jpg om0231.mod
Om0232.jpg om0232.mod
Om0233.jpg om0233.mod
Om0234.jpg om0234.mod
Om0235.jpg om0235.mod
Om0236.jpg om0236.mod
Om0237.jpg om0237.mod
Om0238.jpg om0238.mod
Om0239.jpg om0239.mod
Om023a.jpg om023a.mod
Om023b.jpg om023b.mod
Om023c.jpg om023c.mod


Pl00.jpg pl00.mod
Pl01.jpg pl01.mod

Red carpet

Redcarpet.jpg redcarpet.mod

Environment (s) (scroll\stage1 folder)

Each map model is split into 2 parts:
  • one with the walls and all the main items and
  • one model that is the floor.
S100 00.jpg Entrance Plaza main hallway s100_00.mod
S100 01.jpg Mall Entrance Parking Lot s100_01.mod
S100 02.jpg Entrance Plaza shops s100_02.mod
S100 03.jpg Entrance Plaza floors and parking lot s100_03.mod
S100 04.jpg Entrance Plaza windows s100_04.mod
S100 05.jpg Entrance Plaza store facade s100_05.mod
S100 06.jpg Entrance Plaza shutters on stores s100_06.mod
S100 07.jpg Al Fresca Plaza walls and ground s100_07.mod
S100 08.jpg Paradise Plaza hallway walls and flooring s100_08.mod
S101 00.jpg Entrance Plaza, Sports High s101_00.mod
S101 01.jpg Entrance Plaza, Sports High s101_01.mod
S102 00.jpg Entrance Plaza, Refined Class s102_00.mod
S102 01.jpg Entrance Plaza, Refined Class s102_01.mod
S103 00.jpg Entrance Plaza, Jason Wayne's Sporting Goods s103_00.mod
S103 01.jpg Entrance Plaza, Jason Wayne's Sporting Goods s103_01.mod
S104 00.jpg Entrance Plaza, Gramma's Kids s104_00.mod
S104 01.jpg Entrance Plaza, Gramma's Kids s104_01.mod
S105 00.jpg Entrance Plaza, Men's Storehouse s105_00.mod
S105 01.jpg Entrance Plaza, Men's Storehouse s105_01.mod
S106 00.jpg Entrance Plaza, Rafael's Shoes s106_00.mod
S106 01.jpg Entrance Plaza, Rafael's Shoes s106_01.mod
S107 00.jpg Entrance Plaza, Everyone Luvs Books s107_00.mod
S107 01.jpg Entrance Plaza, Everyone Luvs Books s107_01.mod
S108 00.jpg Entrance Plaza, Children's Castle s108_00.mod
S108 01.jpg Entrance Plaza, Children's Castle s108_01.mod
S109 00.jpg Entrance Plaza, J.F. Nichols s109_00.mod
S109 01.jpg Entrance Plaza, J.F. Nichols s109_01.mod
S110 00.jpg Entrance Plaza, The Distinguished Gentleman s110_00.mod
S110 01.jpg Entrance Plaza, The Distinguished Gentleman s110_01.mod
S111 00.jpg Entrance Plaza, Fashion Fiesta s111_00.mod
S111 01.jpg Entrance Plaza, Fashion Fiesta s111_01.mod
S112 00.jpg Entrance Plaza, Space s112_00.mod
S112 01.jpg Entrance Plaza, Space s112_01.mod
S113 00.jpg Entrance Plaza, The Sinister Read s113_00.mod
S113 01.jpg Entrance Plaza, The Sinister Read s113_01.mod
S114 00.jpg Entrance Plaza, Wallington's s114_00.mod
S114 01.jpg Entrance Plaza, Wallington's s114_01.mod
S116 00.jpg Entrance Plaza, Springtree Jewels s116_00.mod
S116 01.jpg Entrance Plaza, Springtree Jewels s116_01.mod
S117 00.jpg Entrance Plaza, Women's Lib s117_00.mod
S117 01.jpg Entrance Plaza, Women's Lib s117_01.mod
S119 00.jpg Entrance Plaza, Special Gifts s119_00.mod
S119 01.jpg Entrance Plaza, Special Gifts s119_01.mod
S120 00.jpg Entrance Plaza, Shootingstar Sporting Goods s120_00.mod
S120 01.jpg Entrance Plaza, Shootingstar Sporting Goods s120_01.mod
S121 00.jpg Entrance Plaza, Kicks for Her s121_00.mod
S121 01.jpg Entrance Plaza, Kicks for Her s121_01.mod
S122 00.jpg Entrance Plaza, Modern Businessman s122_00.mod
S122 01.jpg Entrance Plaza, Modern Businessman s122_01.mod
S123 00.jpg Entrance Plaza, Estelle's Fine-lady Cosmetics s123_00.mod
S123 01.jpg Entrance Plaza, Estelle's Fine-lady Cosmetics s123_01.mod
S125 00.jpg Entrance Plaza, Kathy's Boutique s125_00.mod
S125 01.jpg Entrance Plaza, Kathy's Boutique s125_01.mod
S126 00.jpg Entrance Plaza, Outta Sight s126_00.mod
S126 01.jpg Entrance Plaza, Outta Sight s126_01.mod
S127 00.jpg Entrance Plaza, In The Closet s127_00.mod
S127 01.jpg Entrance Plaza, In The Closet s127_01.mod
S129 00.jpg Entrance Plaza, The Shoehorn s129_00.mod
S129 01.jpg Entrance Plaza, The Shoehorn s129_01.mod
S130 00.jpg Entrance Plaza, Gromin's s130_00.mod
S130 01.jpg Entrance Plaza, Gromin's s130_01.mod
S131 00.jpg Entrance Plaza, Ned's Knicknackery s131_00.mod
S131 01.jpg Entrance Plaza, Ned's Knicknackery s131_01.mod
S132 00.jpg Entrance Plaza, Emerald's s132_00.mod
S132 01.jpg Entrance Plaza, Emerald's s132_01.mod
S133 00.jpg Entrance Plaza, Robsaka Digital s133_00.mod
S133 01.jpg Entrance Plaza, Robsaka Digital s133_01.mod
S134 00.jpg Entrance Plaza, Jamming Juvenile s134_00.mod
S134 01.jpg Entrance Plaza, Jamming Juvenile s134_01.mod
S135 01.jpg Entrance Plaza, Facade outside s135_01.mod
S135 02.jpg Willamette s135_02.mod
S135 03.jpg s135_03.mod
S135 04.jpg Helipad s135_04.mod
S136 00.jpg Security Room s136_00.mod
S136 01.jpg Security Room s136_01.mod
S136 02.jpg Security Room s136_02.mod
S136 03.jpg Security Room s136_03.mod
S137 00.jpg s137_00.mod
S137 01.jpg s137_01.mod
S200 00.jpg Paradise Plaza s200_00.mod
S200 01.jpg Paradise Plaza, stores s200_01.mod
S200 02.jpg Paradise Plaza, floor s200_02.mod
S200 03.jpg Paradise Plaza, Colby's Movieland s200_03.mod
S200 04.jpg Leisure Park s200_04.mod
S200 05.jpg s200_05.mod
S200 Water00.jpg Water s200_Water00.mod
S200 Water03.jpg Water s200_Water03.mod
S201 00.jpg Paradise Plaza, shoe store s201_00.mod
S201 01.jpg Paradise Plaza, shoe store s201_01.mod
S201 02.jpg Paradise Plaza, shoe store s201_02.mod
S201 03.jpg Strip s201_03.mod
S202 00.jpg Paradise Plaza, jewelry store s202_00.mod
S202 01.jpg Paradise Plaza, jewelry store s202_01.mod
S203 00.jpg Paradise Plaza, children's clothing s203_00.mod
S203 01.jpg Paradise Plaza, children's clothing s203_01.mod
S204 00.jpg Paradise Plaza, men's clothing s204_00.mod
S204 01.jpg Paradise Plaza, men's clothing s204_01.mod
230px Paradise Plaza, book store s205_00.mod
230px Paradise Plaza, book store s205_01.mod
230px Paradise Plaza, eyeglasses s206_00.mod
230px Paradise Plaza, eyeglasses s206_01.mod
230px Paradise Plaza, SporTrance s207_00.mod
230px Paradise Plaza, SporTrance s207_01.mod
230px Paradise Plaza, toystore s209_00.mod
230px Paradise Plaza, toystore s209_01.mod
230px Paradise Plaza, children's clothing s210_00.mod
230px Paradise Plaza, children's clothing s210_01.mod
230px Paradise Plaza, TuneMakers s211_00.mod
230px Paradise Plaza, TuneMakers s211_01.mod
230px Paradise Plaza, Entertainment Isle s212_00.mod
230px Paradise Plaza, Entertainment Isle s212_01.mod
230px Paradise Plaza, Jill's Sandwiches s213_00.mod
230px Paradise Plaza, Jill's Sandwiches s213_01.mod
230px Paradise Plaza, Players s214_00.mod
230px Paradise Plaza, Players s214_01.mod
230px Paradise Plaza, Child's Play s215_00.mod
230px Paradise Plaza, Child's Play s215_01.mod
230px Paradise Plaza, Contemporary Reading s216_00.mod
230px Paradise Plaza, Contemporary Reading s216_01.mod
230px Paradise Plaza, Purses s217_00.mod
230px Paradise Plaza, Purses s217_01.mod
230px Paradise Plaza, Jewelry s218_00.mod
230px Paradise Plaza, Jewelry s218_01.mod
230px Paradise Plaza, Colombian Roastmasters s219_00.mod
230px Paradise Plaza, Colombian Roastmasters s219_01.mod
230px Paradise Plaza, radical clothing s220_00.mod
230px Paradise Plaza, radical clothing s220_01.mod
230px Paradise Plaza, Cam's Camera s222_00.mod
230px Paradise Plaza, Cam's Camera s222_01.mod
230px Restroom s223_00.mod
230px Restroom s223_01.mod
230px Restroom s223_02.mod
230px Restroom s223_03.mod
230px Warehouse s230_00.mod
230px Warehouse s230_01.mod
230px Rooftop s231_01.mod
230px Rooftop s231_02.mod
230px Rooftop s231_03.mod

s300 - Wonderland Plaza

S300 01.jpg s300_01.mod
S300 02.jpg s300_02.mod
S300 03.jpg s300_03.mod
S300 04.jpg s300_04.mod
S300 05.jpg s300_05.mod
S300 06.jpg s300_06.mod
S300 07.jpg s300_07.mod
S301.jpg s301.mod
S301 01.jpg s301_01.mod
S302.jpg s302.mod
S302 01.jpg s302_01.mod
230px Wonderland Plaza, Homerunner's s303.mod
230px Wonderland Plaza, Homerunner's s303_01.mod
230px Wonderland Plaza, Fanfare Fashion s304.mod
230px Wonderland Plaza, Fanfare Fashion s304_01.mod
230px Wonderland Plaza, Wonder Jewels s305.mod
230px Wonderland Plaza, Wonder Jewels s305_01.mod
230px Wonderland Plaza, Shoes of a Lifetime s306.mod
230px Wonderland Plaza, Shoes of a Lifetime s306_01.mod
230px Wonderland Plaza, Casual Gals s307.mod
230px Wonderland Plaza, Casual Gals s307_01.mod
230px Wonderland Plaza, Small Fry Duds s308.mod
230px Wonderland Plaza, Small Fry Duds s308_01.mod
230px Wonderland Plaza, Fine Cut s309.mod
230px Wonderland Plaza, Beautification s310.mod
230px Wonderland Plaza, fine women's clothing s311.mod
230px Wonderland Plaza, fine women's clothing s311_01.mod
230px Wonderland Plaza, fine women's clothing s312.mod
230px Wonderland Plaza, fine women's clothing s312_01.mod
230px Wonderland Plaza, Philo's Photos s313.mod
230px Wonderland Plaza, Philo's Photos s313_01.mod
230px Wonderland Plaza, The Lens Zen s315.mod
230px Wonderland Plaza, The Lens Zen s315_01.mod
230px Wonderland Plaza, book store s316.mod
230px Wonderland Plaza, book store s316_01.mod
230px Wonderland Plaza, purses s317.mod
230px Wonderland Plaza, purses s317_01.mod
230px Wonderland Plaza, purses s317_02.mod
230px Wonderland Plaza, sports kol s318.mod
230px Wonderland Plaza, sports kol s318_01.mod
230px Wonderland Plaza, Run like the wind s319.mod
230px Wonderland Plaza, Run like the wind s319_01.mod
230px Restroom s320.mod
230px Restroom s320_01.mod
230px Restroom s320_02.mod


S400.jpg s400.mod
S400 1.jpg North Plaza floorplan s400_1.mod
S400 2.jpg s400_2.mod
S400 3.jpg s400_3.mod
S400 4.jpg Leisure Park s400_4.mod
S400 5.jpg Seon's Food & Stuff shelving and walls - Crislip's Home Saloon - floor and shelves s400_5.mod
S401 00.jpg s401_00.mod
S401 01.jpg s401_01.mod
230px s401_02.mod
230px Huntin' Shack s402.mod
230px Huntin' Shack s402_1.mod
230px North Plaza, Camera Shop s403.mod
230px North Plaza, Camera Shop s403_1.mod
230px North Plaza, CD Shop s404.mod
230px North Plaza, CD Shop s404_1.mod
230px North Plaza, Knife Shop s405.mod
230px North Plaza, Knife Shop s405_1.mod
230px North Plaza, bathroom s406.mod
230px North Plaza, bathroom s406_1.mod
230px North Plaza, bathroom s406_2.mod


S500.jpg North Plaza including Seon's Food & Stuff s500.mod
S500 1.jpg North Plaza, Seon's Food & Stuff produce along wall s500_1.mod
S500 2.jpg North Plaza, Seon's Food & Stuff produce containers s500_2.mod
S500 3.jpg North Plaza, Seon's Food & Stuff rows of products s500_3.mod
S500 4.jpg North Plaza, Seon's Food & Stuff bread - baskets - fresh food s500_4.mod
S500 5.jpg North Plaza, Seon's Food & Stuff rows s500_5.mod
S500 6.jpg blank s500_6.mod
S501 01.jpg Leisure Park and North Plaza - portion s501_01.mod
S501 02.jpg North Plaza and Crislip's Home Saloon s501_02.mod
S503 00.jpg Colby's Movieland s503_00.mod
S503 01.jpg Colby's Movieland movie seats s503_01.mod
S503 02.jpg Colby's Movieland movie seats s503_02.mod
S503 03.jpg Restroom s503_03.mod
S503 04.jpg Colby's Movieland floor s503_04.mod
S503 05.jpg Leisure Park section s503_05.mod
S504.jpg Cultist Hideout s504.mod
S600 01.jpg Maintenance Tunnels Stairs (all) s600_01.mod
S600 02.jpg Maintenance Tunnels s600_02.mod
S600 03.jpg Maintenance Tunnels s600_03.mod
S600 04.jpg Maintenance Tunnels floor plan s600_04.mod
S601 00.jpg s601_00.mod
S601 01.jpg s601_01.mod


S700.jpg s700.mod
S700 1.jpg s700_1.mod
S700 2.jpg Leisure Park trees s700_2.mod
S700 3.jpg s700_3.mod
S700 4.jpg s700_4.mod
S700 Water00.jpg s700_Water00.mod
S700 Water01.jpg S700_Water01.mod


S800 01.jpg s800_01.mod
S800 02.jpg s800_02.mod
S800 03.jpg s800_03.mod
S800 04.jpg s800_04.mod
S801.jpg s801.mod
S802.jpg s802.mod
S803 00.jpg s803_00.mod
S803 01.jpg s803_01.mod
S803 02.jpg Leisure Park s803_02.mod
S803 03.jpg s803_03.mod
S803 04.jpg s803_04.mod
S803 05.jpg s803_05.mod
S804.jpg s804.mod
S805.jpg s805.mod
S806.jpg Leisure Time Books s806.mod
S807.jpg s807.mod
S808.jpg s808.mod
S809.jpg s809.mod
S811.jpg s811.mod


S900 00.jpg s900_00.mod
S900 01.jpg s900_01.mod
S900 02.jpg s900_02.mod
S900 03.jpg Food Court and hallway with movie posters s900_03.mod
S900 water01.jpg s900_water01.mod
S900 water04.jpg s900_water04.mod
S901 00.jpg s901_00.mod
S901 01.jpg Al Fresca Plaza - Hamburger Feifdom s901_01.mod
S902 00.jpg Al Fresca Plaza - Brand New U s902_00.mod
S902 01.jpg Al Fresca Plaza - Brand New U s902_01.mod
230px Al Fresca Plaza - jewelery with Leah s903_00.mod
230px Al Fresca Plaza - jewelery with Leah s903_01.mod
230px Al Fresca Plaza - Flexin' s904_00.mod
230px Al Fresca Plaza - Flexin' s904_01.mod
230px Al Fresca Plaza - Flexin' - treadmill tread s904_02.mod
230px Al Fresca Plaza - Flexin' - treadmill tread s904_03.mod
230px Al Fresca Plaza - Flexin' - treadmill tread s904_04.mod
230px Al Fresca Plaza - Flexin' - treadmill tread s904_05.mod
230px Al Fresca Plaza - Flexin' - treadmill tread s904_06.mod
230px Al Fresca Plaza - Flexin' - treadmill tread s904_07.mod
230px Al Fresca Plaza - Flexin' - treadmill tread s904_08.mod
230px Al Fresca Plaza - hardware store s905_00.mod
230px Al Fresca Plaza - hardware store s905_01.mod
S906 00.jpg Al Fresca Plaza - Weber's Garments s906_00.mod
230px Al Fresca Plaza - Weber's Garments s906_01.mod
S907 00.jpg Al Fresca Plaza - Eyes Like Us s907_00.mod
S907 01.jpg Al Fresca Plaza - Eyes Like Us s907_01.mod
S908 00.jpg Al Fresca Plaza - Colombian Roastmasters s908_00.mod
S908 01.jpg Al Fresca Plaza - Colombian Roastmasters s908_01.mod


Sa00 00.jpg Food Court sa00_00.mod
230px Food Court sa00_01.mod
Sa00 02.jpg Al Fresca Plaza map sa00_02.mod
Sa00 03.jpg Leisure Park sa00_03.mod
Sa00 04.jpg Wonderland Plaza sa00_04.mod
Sb00 00.jpg sb00_00.mod
Sb00 01.jpg sb00_01.mod
Sb01 00.jpg sb01_00.mod
Sb01 01.jpg sb01_01.mod
Sb02 00.jpg sb02_00.mod
Sb02 01.jpg sb02_01.mod
Sb03 00.jpg Overtime location sb03_00.mod
Sb03 01.jpg sb03_01.mod


Sky.jpg sky.mod



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  Game rules (Frontend)
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