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sgraph.txt, located in the data/datafile.big file. sgraph.txt is focused on effects, animation events, and flags. sgraph.txt is huge, 7.902 MB, 9632 pages in Microsoft Word.

sgraph.txt controls:

  1. Controls all of the game's animations. This includes:
    1. Chuck's idle animations.
    2. Chuck's animation when trying on clothes
    3. Chuck's animation when saving game, including urinating into urinal.
  2. Unarmed attacks:
    1. Damage zombies do
    2. Damage Chuck's skills do.

There are 595 cGenericAnimState sections in the file. Each section appears to control some part of the game animation.

For a full list see: #List of sections

Sgraph's indexEdit

The first section lists how many times each type of control is listed in the entire file. For example, cHealthEvent 51, cHealthEvent is in the file 51 times.

NOTE: If you add an event then it has to equal the amount on the top of the file or it will crash[1]

Example of sgraph layoutEdit

From Unused Skillmove Animatons

List of sectionsEdit

There are hundreds of sections in sgraph. Two of the most common section types are cGenericAnimState and cAnimGroup.


Code Description Example(s)
ChooserType There are a variety of different types. For the most part, depending on the type you can figure out what animations are controlled in the same code block. ChooserType = "HANDTYPE"
Anim This is a cAnimRef number of a code block below this line. All code inside cAnimRef 1152 will be run whenever the requirements are met for the cChooserEntryInt Anim = 1152

cAnimRef 1152

Value This is a value which is found in other files.

For example, in items.txt locate a drink. The drink has this line, AnimationChooserValueForHand = "22", which is the value for holding a drink, which is value = 22 in sgraph.

Value = 22

ChooserType's in sgraph.txtEdit

All instances of choosertype found in sgraph:

cCategoryChooser Edit

cGenericTransitioner Edit

cGenericBlender Edit


AssetName Edit

cChooserEntryInt Edit

cChooserEntryFloat Edit


Chuck's animationsEdit


To remove animations when Chuck tries on new clothing, in items.txt change all ClothingEmote fields to "-1" meaning no clothing emotes/animations.

Animation when Chuck tries on new clothingEdit

See also Clothing animations 4 new never before seen anim.

35 page clothing animation, starting on line 212269.

Dead rising no lines in clothing animation

If the coding between the { } is removed, chuck has his hands out and floats when the character animation is triggered. The player cannot regain control of Chuck.


cAnimRef 2098
		File = -11789077
		DataRate = 1.000000
		Looping = "false"
		Mirror = "false"

		cAnimEvent 2433728



Saving game animationsEdit

sgraph.txt also controls Chuck's animation when saving game, including Chuck urinating into urinal. This is the 25 page section:

Chuck's idle animationsEdit

Further information: Stop idle animations chuck in injured state sgraph, proboards.


Replace it with:

Unarmed attacks damageEdit

Zombie's damageEdit

Open sgraph.txt and search for cHealthEvent to modify the zombie's damage.[2] Look for negative values. "Last night, I left a zombie chewing on my head for a good 20 minutes while I was away from the game. Health was still full". The negative numbers seem to be damage.[1]

sgraph.txt is more focused on effects, animation events, flags, etc. Zombie attacks are an effect, because a zombie chewing on chuck is not a weapon and the damage is linked to the event of being grabbed. Experiment with it. Try -1, 0, or even a normal positive number like 100.

Maybe you can get zombies to restore your health, but I haven't tried that yet.[2]


Line Number of cHealthEvent lines Function
cNPCAIAnimationState 7 6 For psychopaths, including Antoine.
cGenericAnimState 488 2 Chef "battle_chef_chuck_struggle"
cGenericAnimState 482 2 "male_hitreaction shot from_prone_belly"
cGenericAnimState 486 1 Boykin "male_hitreaction_face down prone_to_throw_from_boykin"
cGenericAnimState 514 1 WWJWD? psychopath "male_hit_reaction clubbed_while noose590963'
cGenericAnimState 484 1 "player_attack_charge grabbed_against_wall" "fx_tk_ot_battle.big/BodyHitSmash.sfx"
cNPCAIAnimationState 353 1 Tyrone King ToKCLocomotion "kc_attack_charge grab_against_wall_beatdown"
cGenericAnimState 504 1 "player_attack_charge grabbed against wall_beatdown_success"
cGenericAnimState 532 1 player_minigame_winch_grab_to_grapple_front
cGenericAnimState 531 1 "player_minigame winch grapple_success"

Huge radius damage for Chucks skills/movesEdit

For the ultimate cheat attack: In sgraph.txt, find the line AttackName = "elbowdrop" and go down to AttackRadius= and change it to around 1000.

Edit maxheightdiff for an attack that kills most of the zombies in any two story room you're in.

So every time you use the elbowdrop, all the zombies around you drop dead. Note that this might effect survivor escorts.[3]

Zombie death animationsEdit

	cImmediateTransitioner ToZombieDead
		Dest = 887
		DestEvent = -1
		UseDestEvent = "false"
		SyncWithDest = "false"

Looter deathEdit

Merc deathEdit

Coding for idleEdit

cGenericTransitioner ToSIdle

cAnimGroup 548

Attempts to modifyEdit

warps sullivan's hands

cGenericAnimState 739
	AbsoluteTranslationMode = "false"

	cRandomChooser cRandomChooser

		cChooserEntryFloat male_sullivan_checkwatch60968
			Anim = 4035
			Value = 0.000000


	cAnimRef 4035


	cGenericTransitioner ToSSullivanPace
		Dest = 739
		DestEvent = -1
		UseDestEvent = "false"

	cSurvivorHeadTrackingPoseWarper SurvivorHeadTrackingPoseWarper



  1. Ubiquitous from proboards forum/ Toolazytoregister on the chat board
  2. There are 52 instances of cHealthEvent in sgraph.txt.

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