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   Opening files to edit (Gibbed)
   Debug Mode
   Swap characters (Model Swap)
   Import Models
    Mod:Dead Rising 1 Files
   Placing characters
     enlarging/ resizing characters
   Create Reskins
   Adding & removing items
     Coordinates/ Rotation
    Resize Enlarge items
   Changing Text
   Weapon modifications
   Texmod: Texmod installation
   Texmod: Download textures
   Texmod: Create Reskins
  Remove missing prop box

List of what each file does

  All game items (items.txt)
   Item animations (PyroEffect)
  All Game Text
  All Missions and cases (missions.txt)
   Times of all missions
    Mission breakdown
  All major packed files (big files)
    Character models (npcs.big)
   Sgraph - animations
   HUD (game player's interface)
   Camera.txt (camera view)
  Zombie models
  Game rules (Frontend)
  Cutscenes (Cinematics.big)
    Royal Flush
    Safe house
    Americana Casino
   Collision - controls solid surfaces
   Excel coordinates of all areas


  See also Gibbed's and Texmod
   Hex Editor

   Infinity Mode
   Work in Progress Mods
   Zombie Mode


Bigfile.xml is the name of a Dead Rising 2 file found in each big file. Bigfile.xml lists all the files in the big file. During the game, the game opens this file to create locations and items.


Gibbed's tool uses Bigfile.xml to unpack the file. After an editor is done modifying the files, Gibbed's tool uses bigfile.xml to repack the file. If an item is not on this list, Gibbed's tool will not pack the item even if the item is in the folder to be packed.

Example fileEdit

Bigfile.xml found in the /data/models/environment/royal flush/royal_flush_z01.big file.

Forum discussions about Bigfile.xmlEdit


15 results at

Fixing up the Female Model Swaps

But, surprisingly, it doesn't work on Chuck's model. So, in my game I've extracted the whole npcs.big file in a models/npcs directory. (Minus the files you excluded in your female swap bigfile.xml and keeping the original npcs.bin in a backup dir)

So when I want to change chuck's model, I just pack a npc.big with default_chest.big and .tex. When I want the original one, I use the original npcs.bin, and when I want to change a npc model, I do it in my npcs directory, which will override the one (if it is present) in the npcs.big.[1]

Play as Bunny Rebecca

"If you're using a modified one, like the one with the bunny rebecca it will not load because the bigfile.xml skips a lot of stuff for loading."[2]

Wrong way to model swap & tips

"Ok the way you change the models is wrong because the moded bigfile.xml file have remove the head & arm values so in game you will not have to see them with normal clothes, i did a difrent way and swap the head, hair, arms with some more strench models for ex normal hair - bald so when i swap a model the bald hair will be down from the moded head but i though a better way to do it so you will not swap head every time you change clothes,

1st ex you want the soldier body but to have Greene head so find the soldier file & remove the files feet, eyes head, helmet & also these values from the soldier bigfile.xml & then swap it with the clothes you want (leg.big,leg.tex/chest.big,chest.tex

2nd ex you want to change the player face to another, what you have to do is to find the model you want & remove some parts(pants, vest) & all the values from his bigfile.xml exept head eyes... & swap it with default face.

I am not very good at coding & i steel try to lern the correct files & values i need to remove from the custom model to work.

I also just learn how to skin direct without texmod & soon i will post a tutorial for that!!! [3]

Play as Andy, Stacey, etc.

"Once the extraction is done, place the 3 files you downloaded for the mod, which are "bigfile.xml, chest_default.big, and chest_default.TEX" into the extracted NPCS folder." [4] Stacey [5] Militia [6] Soilder 2[7]

Play as solider 1

"to get rid off Chucks body coming through, u need to edit the bigfile.xml and remove the entries like legs_naked etc. This will prevent them from being loaded. I also have no idea why my version is not working as it's fine on mine."

"do i need to edit the one in the bigfile.xml in the npcs.big or in the the naked.big file. I think it could be that the model files are slightly different for the console versions than the pc version i fixed my pc version the file wasn't named right but when i manually edit the model files on the ps3 and xbox versions then it will load and thanks for the help."[8]

Play with Backpack

"You made it for any other models, cause you're loading the backpack instead of the pants. But is not there any way to avoid this? Load the backpack without replacing another texture? I'm totally inexpert on mods, but maybe if you could give me just the backpack lines of the file, and a created a new .big file, something like "backpack.big" with the lines you give me. Then I'd add:

"<entry name="backpack.big" flags="1" alignment="2048">leg_arthur.big</entry>"

to the "bigfile.xml"."[9]

"I dont reckon that would work. From my experience you cant add an extra clothing space, so for any change to work it has to replace something. The only way to have his legs and the backpack is to put the too BIG's into one and add the entries in the scenedescription together. However to do that you need a hex editor and thats were I get a bit lost. Im sure someone could do it, just not me :/"


"I figured out the method, and it's stupid simple. The only issue is that it's not related to the datafile, but rather the streamassets file. If you make a new item, you simply copy the old asset it used and rename it to the new item name. And then edit the bigfile.xml to add those items in."[10]

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