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In the Dead Rising 2 PC version a player can edit PC files replacing items such as weapons and food, and creating new locations for items.

Below is a tutorial on how this is done.

Dead Rising 2 ubtri yesterday today and tomorrow items atop with mod

Opening the datafile.big fileEdit

First unpack (open up) the datafile.big file located in your Dead Rising 2/data/ folder on your computer.

See Dead Rising 2 Mods/Opening and recompiling files for full instructions on how to do this.

Open Safehouse.txtEdit

Dead rising safehouse txt in datafile big

Datafile.big should now be unpacked (opened up).

The default folder created by Gibbed's for datafile.big is /dead rising 2/data/datafile_big

In the folder you extracted datafile.big to scroll down and open safehouse.txt.

Safehouse.txt is where the game reads where all of the items are placed in the safehouse.

Change a safe house bucket into the drill bucketEdit

Dead rising safehouse txt first entry

First entry in Safehouse.txt.

The very first entry in Safehouse.txt is a Bucket:

cItemPlacement Bucket
	ItemName = "Bucket"
	Location = "2.495,-0.876,-8.313"
	Rotation = "-0.000,0.002,0.000,1.000"

Dead rising safe house bucket unmodified
Dead rising safe house bucket unmodified (2)

This bucket normally spawns just outside of one of the Safe house large storage rooms.

Dead rising drill bucket in safehouse mod (2)

Down the hall from the security room and bathroom.

Dead rising safehouse txt first entry drill bucket

Simply replace "Bucket" with "Combo_BucketDrill" twice, on the first and third lines:[1]

cItemPlacement Combo_BucketDrill 
    ItemName = "Combo_BucketDrill"
    Location = "2.495,-0.876,-8.313"
    Rotation = "-0.000,0.002,0.000,1.000"

Save the safehouse.txt file.

Repack the datafile.big file as explained at Dead Rising 2 Mods/Opening and recompiling files, making sure the modified file is named datafile.big.

Start the game.

Dead rising drill bucket in safehouse mod

The Drill Bucket should be where the safe house bucket was before.

All Items available to addEdit

A full list of all items is in data/datafile.big in the items.txt file. This list has been recreated here as a sortable alphabetized list: Dead Rising 2 Mods/List of items. Notice that the Bucket and Combo_BucketDrill are found on this list.

Follow the steps above to add other items. The level modification mods on the Dead Rising 2 forum which add items to areas use this same process.

Figuring out where to place an itemEdit

It is difficult to figure out exactly where to place an item.

To place an item, a modder can:

  1. replacing one item with a new item as explained above,
  2. edit existing mod files which already have items placed in new locations, or
  3. place items with new coordinates then play to test to make sure the item is in the right location.

The location of the bucket is: "Location = "2.495,-0.876,-8.313"

See Mod:Coordinates for placing items with new coordinates

Chuck's location to place itemsEdit

Dead rising drill bucket in safehouse mod (3)

By activating debug mode, a player can activate a green positioning line.

In this screen shot, Chuck is standing on the Drill Bucket. The coordinates are:

Local Player Pos 1.9, -1.1, -8.1 (Rot 1.7)

The location of the bucket in safehouse.txt is:

Location = "2.495,-0.876,-8.313"

The Local Player Pos coordinates helps give a general location to place items.

making items floatEdit

Adding: PropState = "-2" makes the item float in space instead of fall. Items do not tip over or roll.


cItemPlacement Combo_BucketDrill 
    ItemName = "Combo_BucketDrill"
    Location = "2.495,-0.876,-8.313"
    Rotation = "-0.000,0.002,0.000,1.000"
    PropState = "-2"


Removing itemsEdit

In missions.txt section cMissionDefinition Tutorial2_Katey:

cMissionSendCommandToProp DestroyBarricade1
        PropCommand = "17"
        PropName = "MetalBarricade1"

Removing rope on Viki after Chuck the Role Model:

cMissionSendCommandToProp DestroyRope4
PropCommand = "17"
TargetNPCName = "srv_vikki"
cMissionOnFail VikkiDead
		cMissionSetChuckState DestroyRopes
			ChuckState = "40"
			Item = "RebeccaRope"

Create firesEdit

In missions.txt section cMissionDefinition Tutorial2_Katey:

		cMissionStartEffect GolfCartFire1
			EffectEnum = "51"
			Location = "-344.752,-7.185,47.367"
			Loop = "true"
			Rotation = "0,0,0,1"

Resizing itemsEdit

See also enlarging/ resizing characters.

Cinematic distortion radical item size increase

Examples Edit

Locations files in datafile.bigEdit

Full list: File:Off the record all item locations.txt
Mod:Off the Record all item locations

For Off the Record:





{{#ev:youtube|TI98ZElehxY|300|left|Drill bucket placed in safe house}}



  1. What is written on the cItemPlacement line after cItemPlacement is unimportant, a modder can add Chuck_is_cool for example.
    As long as what is entered is one word, and that word is unique in that section or file. If the same name is identical to another cItemPlacement entry, the identically named item will not appear.
    For example, say these two sections are added to safehouse.txt:

    cItemPlacement Chuck_is_cool
        ItemName = "Combo_BucketDrill"
        Location = "2.495,-0.876,-8.313"
        Rotation = "-0.000,0.002,0.000,1.000"


    cItemPlacement Chuck_is_cool
        ItemName = "Combo_BucketDrill"
        Location = "2.5,-0.9,-9"
        Rotation = "-0.1,0.2,0.1,1"

    Because the line cItemPlacement Chuck_is_cool is identical, one of possibly both items will not appear.

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