Mo Money Mo Problems[1] is an unannounced mission in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero. It takes place in the Brockett Gas Station in the afternoon. It involves returning Gemini Vargas' gems to her in return for $15,000.


Gemini Vargas is found weeping in the junkyard at the Brockett Gas Station. She explains that all the money that she has won from Las Vegas has caused nothing but trouble for her. The only things that were precious to her were the gems that her husband Fausto had bought her when they first got married. Unfortunately, she had to leave them behind at the Quarantine Zone during the zombie outbreak.

Once Chuck returns the gems to Gemini, she gives him the remaining half of their winnings out of gratitude.

Mission DialogueEdit

Gems locationEdit

Dead rising case 0 geminis gems in quarantine zone Dead rising case 0 geminis gems in quarantine zone (2)

The jewels are next to a yellow car missing its door. This car is two vehicles from the cutscene tanker truck, and right after the pickup truck with beer inside.



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