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The Mercenary Bike is a weapon and vehicle in Dead Rising 2. It respawns in the Underground Warehouse E, below the Palisades Mall. It is only available after Case 2-2: Ticket to Ride. Chuck knocks a mercenary of off the bike and then chases the train TK is on with this bike.

Despite its similar appearance to the motorbike, it cannot be modified in the Combo Bay (see video below).


Dead rising mercenary bike main


  • The number on the Mercenary Bike is 7, the number on the motorbike is 4.
  • The Prima Official Guide incorrectly lists this bike as a Chopper in one section and a motorbike in the appendix. The guide makes no mention of this bike being unique.
  • It appears as if this bike tends to more easily do wheelies than the motorbike.
  • The name comes from the PC file items.txt which names this bike MercenaryBike.


{{#ev:youtube|31U2R1tjl4E|300|left|mercenary bike does not work in combo bay}}


Bike parts found in items.txt

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