The Machine Room is a Dead Rising 2 and Off the Record location in Royal Flush Plaza. It is the large room between Royal Flush Plaza and the Safe House vent opening, a stairway up to the hallway. The machine room hallway includes the first maintenance room and Janitor Room.[1]



  1. The hallway and large room to the Safe House is called a "Machine Room" in the Off the Record PC game files missions.txt.
    In Dead Rising 2:
    In items.txt the vent door is called: cUtilityItem MachineRoomVentDoor
    In royalflushplaza.txt there is: cAudioScenario HallwayToMachineRoom and cAudioScenario MachineRoom sections
    In waypoint_royal_flush.txt there is several sections refering to MachineRoom_Hall and MachineRoom
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