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The Lawn Mower is a weapon in Dead Rising 2. Chuck can mow down zombies using this weapon. It can be combined with a 2" x 4" to make the Porta Mower or a Wheelchair to make the Handy Chipper.


Dead rising lawn mower main
  • Main: Tap X/Square to swing the Lawn Mower.

Dead rising lawn mower alternate
  • Running: When handle is grabbed (pressing B/Circle in the correct location), run by pressing Tleft. The mower runs over zombies.


  • In a review for the Telegraph newspaper: "Dead Rising 2 offers very little that the original didn't, but what it does offer has largely been improved. And most importantly of all, you can run over zombies with a lawnmower, something all games could learn from."[1]



  1. Raze, Ashton.Dead Rising 2 video game review Dead Rising 2 doesn't offer much of a different experience from its predecessor, but it's still a fun - if flawed - zombie frolic writes Ashton Raze, Telegraph, (September 27, 2010).

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