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The Lawn Mower is a weapon in Dead Rising. Grab this lawn utility and mow zombies down. Frank can either slowly drive it over them, or he may pick it up and shove it onto their heads to make an explosion of blood. Frank can also pick it up and throw it. To throw the lawnmower, hold down the Template:Rtrigger and press Template:Xbutton.

There are only two locations for this weapon.

Picking up the lawn mowerEdit

Frank can carry the lawn mower into the mall. The lawnmower can only be picked up when it stalls.

Get hit by a zombie WHILE running the lawnmower, then press B again to pick it up.

The lawnmower also stalls often when running over zombies.[1]

It is uncertain if Frank can hit the lawnmower and push it off balance to pick it up, as he can with the shopping cart.


  • When Frank runs to a split screen or there is a cutscene (such as the 7:00 pm aggressive zombies) and Frank is pushing the mower, after the cutscene or new area is loaded, he is holding the lawnmower.



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