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The Introduction is the playable opening sequence of Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. Similar to 72 Hour Mode, this is not the official name given in-game, but is referred to as such for simplicity reasons.

Although the introduction is an essential part of the main game's story, it is not a part of the 72 hours, and the game timer is disabled. It takes place shortly before the Fortune City Outbreak. If the opening cutscene is skipped, the game will jump straight into 72 Hour Mode. The introduction lasts over 15 minutes. So the introduction is broken up into portions here:

  1. Fortune City Arena TIR event
  2. Brandon and TK
  3. Elevator cutscene
  4. Exiting the stadium
  5. Safe house

Fortune City Arena TIR eventEdit


Dead Rising 2 begins in the Fortune City Arena, with famous Willamette Incident survivor Frank West waiting for the elevator to life into the arena for Terror Is Reality, a TV gameshow that involves the killing of large groups of zombies for entertainment. Frank takes part in show to attempt to make a comeback after squandering his fame, losing his television show, and going bankrupt. As Frank waits, a TiR Employee asks for his autograph.

Dead rising 2 off the record intro game from above

Frank is lifted up to a raised platform and TK introduces him to the roaring crowd. Frank is above an arena full of hundreds of zombies, standing on a raised platform shared by a few undead.

Dead rising 2 off the record intro game 300

The goal is to kill as many zombies as possible within 3:00 minutes. At 2:40 the platform begins to lower and more zombies enter from opened cages on all four corners. At 2:02 the platform drops to a stage in the arena, waist high to the zombies on the floor. Zombies being to climb up. TK encourages Frank to start the grinders.

In all four corners are block posts. When Frank jumps atop this block a grinder starts. After a few seconds balls of flame envelop the top of the post, forcing Frank to jump down.

If all four posts are jumped on, fire from all four blocks incinerates all zombies on the platform, and the grinders stop.

After the buzzer rings, Frank is awarded a prize.[1]

Rank Money prize PP prize
Bronze $10,000  ??
Silver $15,000  ??
Gold $25,000  ??

Brandon and TKEdit


After the show, the locker room cutscene is very similar to Dead Rising 2. Frank sits in the changing rooms looking at the money. The TV reports on CURE protesting Terror Is Reality and shows their leader, Stacey Forsythe voice her opinion on what she believes is systematic neglect for the infected. Another contestant, Anim White, sits next to Frank. Frank gets up and asks Kris Bookmiller where the elevator is located.
Dead rising 2 off the record brandon and TK conspire with bomb
Dead rising 2 off the record brandon and TK conspire with bomb (3)

As Frank is walking to the Elevator he hears a sound at a warehouse door and enters the room. He is on a metal platform above a large warehouse. Brandon and TK are discussing something as they walk through the aisles. The player is then told to take pictures.

Dead rising 2 off the record brandon and TK conspire with bomb (2)

TK hands Brandon a bomb and a metal money case.

Dead rising 2 off the record thugs

After the two leave, three thugs attack Frank. Two are mercenaries from the original Dead Rising 2, but the white thug is new. After Frank kills the three, he returns to the hallway. On his way to the elevator he sees the twins who taunt him on his performance in the show. Frank enters the elevator, and while looking at a Zombrex poster, he is knocked off balance when the elevator suddenly jerks to stop.[2]

TK: Remember, not a word of this to anyone.
Chuck: Dammit.
TK: Ok, you stay cool, all right? I gotta get back to my show.
Mercenary: Well, well, well. Lookie here, Frank West.
Frank: Hey, fanboys. You're a little late for the autographs. I was, uh, just looking for the men's room. Story of my life.
Mercenary: Nah, I think we showed up right in the nick of time.

Elevator cutsceneEdit

Template:Infobox The TiR Employee is dead at the entrance after the elevator cutscene. The Zombie Jock is still present and can be killed. Frank runs through the hallway through zombies. There are explosions in both the arena hallway and foyer. Alice, Tom, Shaun, and Noah are all killed as is Drake Danton, who has a photo op as he is being dragged into the dressing room.

Unlike Chuck, when escaping the arena, Frank does not go into the green room, instead he goes directly into the arena foyer.

Dead rising off the record arena introduction pat lucas

Andrea and Kalee are in the arena foyer while security guards Dale, Oscar and Julius fire their guns at the undead. All the survivors are either killed by the zombies or from the explosions. Pat and Lucas (with a shotgun) are behind a metal gate to the Americana Casino.[3]

Exiting the stadiumEdit

As in Dead Rising 2, Luke, Leah, Skylar, Skylar's Girlfriend, and Wade Coopwood are in Silver Strip just outside of the Arena entrance. Luke, Leah, and Skylar's girlfriend are killed. Skylar and Wade[Verification needed] make it into the safehouse with Frank.[3]

Safe houseEdit

Template:Infobox As in Dead Rising 2, Tamara, Skylar, Wade and Chrystal Kennedy are in the entry to the Safe House before Sullivan opens the blast doors.

Sullivan stops Frank at the blast doors. As he knows Frank is infected, he is hesitant to let him in but does. As Frank is searching for Zombrex, Stacey says she knows where he can get some more Zombrex.[3]

Skylar Ali leads Frank back to the Safe House if Frank is killed.[Verification needed]


Dead rising cine diva bomb
  • The bomb that TK hands to Brandon is very similar to Bibi's bomb in One Hit Wonder
  • Case Zero music is reused on two occasions, when Frank is about to fight the zombies, and when he is in the locker room.
  • The TK cutscene the audio changed but not the action, TKs lips still says "Real motocross Champion"
  • When Frank is taking picture of TK and Brandon, the catwalk is reused from Case West's "Security Tower" area.
  • The introduction with TK and Brandon is called "Tutorial2Photos" and "Tutorial3Discovered" in missions.txt

Dead rising off the record arena corridor explosion

Arena corridor explosion

Dead rising off the record arena introduction explosions

Arena foyer explosion

  • Unlike Dead Rising 2, as Frank attempts to escape the arena, there is an explosion in the arena hallway where Barn Burner takes place. There are also multiple explosions in the arena foyer.[3]





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