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Happily Ever After Sort Of is an unannounced Dead Rising 2 and Off the Record mission.[1]


Just outside of the Safe House hallway, LaShawndra Dawkins is standing on the counter of The Dark Bean, upset and outraged that her husband abandoned her. Her husband Gordon Dawkins has fled to the Casual Gals next door.

Chuck leaves the Safe House to find a woman in a yellow dress standing on top of a counter at The Dark Bean in the Royal Flush Plaza, surrounded by a small crowd of zombies. She does not appear frightened by the zombies, instead she is quite upset over the fact that her husband ran off. She complains "what kind of man leaves a beautiful woman like [her] out here alone?". She tells Chuck that if her husband, Gordon, stayed with her, she could have saved his "skinny ass".

LaShawndra agrees to go with Chuck after he promises he will find him. The pair find Gordon cowering behind the counter in Casual Gals. He runs up to her and apologizes and the two make up. Chuck then escorts the couple to the safety of the bunker.

Finding LaShawndraEdit

Chuck finds LaShawndra
Dead rising lashawndra
LaShawndra: Gordon better be sorry he ever left me.

Chuck: Hey, are you alright, lady?

LaShawndra: Lady?!?! It's LaShawndra Dawkins! And hell no, I ain't all right.

LaShawndra: My good-for-nothing husband left me out here!

Chuck: Well, it is not safe here. I know of a safe place nearby.

LaShawndra: Alright. I'll go with you. Maybe we'll find Gordon's skinny ass on the way.

Finding GordonEdit

Chuck and LaShawndra find Gordon
Dead rising gordon (Dead Rising 2)
Gordon: I'm such a coward.

Gordon: LaShawndra

LaShawndra: Gordon Dawkins! There you are!

Chuck: I hate to break up this lovely reunion, but it is not safe out here.

LaShawndra: He's right. Let's go, Gordon.

Gordon: Yes, dear.

Mission DialogueEdit

Dialogue of the mission in the Off the Record game files. All text may not be actually used in the final game.






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