Hanging Around is an unannounced mission exclusive to Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. It involves two men hanging from the railing on the second floor of Palisades Mall in the grotto area.

Marc Cooper is hanging above the Flexin' gym and Earvin Gooding above Chocolate Confession store directly across from Marc.


Entering Palisades Mall after 12 am on Day 2[1] triggers a countdown until both survivors lose their grip on the railing and fall to their death, usually Earvin first. Arriving too near the end of this mission's 8 am expiration time will make rescue much more difficult.

Although not required, kill the zombies below each survivor first. There are two stuffed animals in Ultimate Playhouse (a Giant Stuffed Bull and an Giant Stuffed Elephant) and in Chocolate Confession several Giant Stuffed Elephants and a Stuffed Teddy Bear. Grab one and place it on the marker beneath one of the survivors to have them drop down and recruit them, then grab the other stuffed animal and do the same. They will join without any dialogue. If the stuffed animals are not placed in time they will both eventually lose their grip. Once the first survivor lands safely, Frank only has a very short amount of time to save the other.

Prepare ahead of time by placing the second stuffed animal near his location.[2]

If Frank leaves the Palisades Mall after triggering this event, the countdown will continue and notice of the characters' deaths will be displayed onscreen, no matter where Frank is.


  • The zombies do not need to be cleared out before the stuffed animal can be placed. Although the zombies will immediately attack the survivor when he drops.

The message screen for this mission states:

GOAL: Save the hanging survivors
DESTINATION: Palisades Mall
Two people are hanging from the 2nd floor of the Palisades Mall


60pnv4I5XAw|300|left|Failed, Earvin drops and dies}} {{#ev:youtube|g9e7dzLGitA|300|left|Failed, Marc drops and dies}}



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