Dead Rising
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For Dead Rising 2 see Dead Rising 2 Bugs.

Dead Rising has some impressive game physics, making the player feel immersed in a zombie apocalypse, but occasionally the game shows unrealistic behavior and bugs.

Also included on this page are the mistakes of the official guide.

Bad Artificial IntelligenceEdit

In addition to survivors not following Frank, survivors will often get stuck at the base of the vent to the security room.

Undead Frank GlitchEdit

{{#ev:youtube|MnzWCdSLQJ4|300|left|Dead Rising Glitch - Undead Frank }}

Floating ItemsEdit


Very often the shadows of zombies and sometime psychopaths above Frank will appear through solid floors.

Moving Through Solid ObjectsEdit

Zombies often move through solid walls. This happens most often when the zombie is killed. Parts of their body will lie inside a wall.

Movement on EscalatorsEdit

Although Frank and Special Forces soldiers move on the escalator, zombies, zombie carcasses, and items do not.


Gumball MachineEdit

Dead rising gumball machine bug

The Gumball Machine's gumballs always stay in the same place, not moving when the gumball machine is tipped over.


Official Guide MistakesEdit

See Dead Rising Official Strategy Guide#Mistakes



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