Dead Rising 3
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Food allows the player and survivors to restore health. There are (number) foods in Dead Rising 3. The following table contains the edible items in the game and the base health values of each. (i.e. How many boxes of the player's health are restored by eating the item when the player is carrying no health books)

List of FoodEdit

INCOMPLETE LIST which is no longer updated - Until the game is released, see Category:Dead Rising 3 Food for a more complete list

Item Health Restored Location and Notes
Beer (Dead Rising 3) 100px
Bottled Water 100px
Bread 100px
Digestive Pills‎ 100px
Snack (Dead Rising 3)
Dead rising Snack (Dead Rising 3)
Spoiled Apple 100px
Spoiled Melon 100px


Food with the same name Edit

There are at least (number) foods with the same name as in Dead Rising and/or Dead Rising 2:


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