The Dead Rising 3 Comic Book is a prequel online Marvel comic book released in early October 2013. It details the events that brought Nick, Dick, Annie, and Rhonda together before the start of the game.[1]




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Dead rising 3 comicbook cover


Frank Tieri-Writer

Andre Coelho - Penciler (pages 1-3, 12)

Ivan Rodriguez - Penciler/inker (pages 4-7)

Manny Clark - Penciler/inker (pages 8-11)

Nelson Pereira - Inker (pages 1-3, 12)

Adriano Lucas - Colorlst (pages 1-3,10-12)

Carlos Lopez-Colorist (pages 4-9)

VC's Joe Sabino -Letterer

In-Hyuk Lee - Cover Artist

Deborah Guerzon - Production

Stephen Sajdak - Project Manager

Mark Basso - Assistant Editor & Project Manager

Bill Rosemann-Editor

Axel Alonso - Editor in Chief

Joe Quesada - Chief Creative Officer

Dan Buckley-Publisher


Dead rising 3 comicbook page intro

Annie, Nick, and Dick are running through a zombie infested street while the military drops bombs


More Zombies…

And our own military shooting at us…

Not exactly the way I envisioned Monday going, that's for sure.

Dead rising 3 comicbook page 1 and 2

Dick: Come on people -- move it or lose it! Literally! Ya know I'd hate to have to leave any of you behind.

'Course I'm pretty sure it wasn't how my new "friends" Dick--

…or Annie envisioned it, either.

Annie: And He's serious, too! Not really though, right? 'Cause that would be kind of jerky.

*sigh* What was it Rhonda said again? "Piece of cake." Said it twice, in fact. Piece of…

Dead rising 3 comicbook page 3 and 4


Uh… Never mind. I'm here.

You waiting for a car from Rhonda's Wrench-O-Rama?


Drove it aaaall the way here from Ingelton. No stops. No tickets…Didn't even hit so much as a pothole. Not to bad, it I do say so myself.

Yeah, that's great sport. Now it you don't mind…

I'll take it from here. Got the customer around back waiting all day for this bad boy. Want to get him while he's hot. Know what I mean, sport?


Know what I mean Nick?

Hey, I hear you loud and clear. I'll just be waiting for you here until you get back. Which reminds me…

Boss gave me the afternoon off. What do you say we grab a coffee or something when you're done?


Yep. Not to shabby. Not to shabby at all.


Stop that girl!


You the guy dropping the car off from Rhonda?

Yeah? So?

So I'm the one you were supposed to drop the car off to, you idiot!

Damn it!

Guess you decided to take that coffee to go?

What can I say Nick? Girl's got to do what a girl's got to….

ZDC Alert

Dead rising 3 comicbook page 5 and 6





But we haven't had an outbreak in, like, forever…

Guess forever's over then, because this sure as hell looks like a outbreak to me.

Now get in unless you want to be zombie chow.

Dead rising 3 comicbook page 7 and 8
Dead rising 3 comicbook page 9 and 10
Dead rising 3 comicbook page 11 and 12


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