In dead rising 3 combo weapons can be created using 2 components once you obtain the blueprint.


Dead Rising 3 - All 37 Super Combo Weapons


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List of Combo Weapons (being updated)

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Blueprint & Features

Sledge-Saw SledgeHammer Cement Saw

This item does not have a blueprint and needs to be created as part of the story.

The sledge-saw can be used on either side to smash or cut zombies and also can be thrown and will cut through any zombies in its path.


Spiked Bat

Baseball Bat Box of Nails         

As you rescue the survivor called jodie whilst you are driving towards rhonda's garage on your right the blueprint and the componants can also be found there. The spiked bat provides increased damage from a normal bat and a execution move.



Dragon Punch

Boxing Gloves Motercycle Engine

Cardboard Box

 Toy      Robot

In rhonda's garage in ingleton you can find the blueprint on a box along with the componants. The Jack-in-the-box can be placed on the floor to attract and then kill zombies.


Grim Reaper Scythe Katana Sword

The blueprint can be found in the survival blades store along with the componants.

The grim repear has two main attacks, the weak attack is a wide reaching swing and the stong is a downward slash.

The grim reaper is on of the 37 super combo

The grim reaper is also a part of two super combos

  • Ultimate Grim Reaper
  • Fire Reaper


Heavy Metal Lead Pipe 2 x 4

The bluerpint can be found on top of a police bus that has crashed in the center of ingleton.


Chop and talk Battleaxe Games Console

The blueprint can be found on a rooftop in the Lee-Amies Estates area.

This weapon provides no extra benefit for power and only talks as you beat zombies with it.

Chop talk.png

Mecha Dragon Dragon Head Parasol

The blueprint can be found whilst doing the story mission that requires you to go to the sewers. It can be found within a fenced off area near the sewer entrance marker.

This weapon is one of the 37 super combo's and is powerful its main attack is a headbutt and also can be used to charge into zombies.

The Mecha dragon can be used for two other super combo's

  • Ultimate mecha dragon
  • Flame mecha dragon


Chopper Fire Axe Hatchet location unknow
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