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* Use blenders to mix food items together into mixed drinks. Any two food items can be combined.
* Mixed rinks restore lots of health and have special bonuses.
* There are many different types of mixed drinks, each with it's own special power.

For the Dead Rising mixed drinks, see Dead Rising Recipes.

In certain locations in the Dead Rising 2 games, Chuck Greene or Frank can find blenders. Combine two food items in the blender and Chuck will get a special type of juice back.[1] There are nine varieties of Juices, and each has a "special" or "power-up" effect on Chuck or Frank. These effects range from useful effects such as making Chuck temporarily invincible to oddball abilities, such as allowing Chuck to spit fire (Spitfire). All of these Juices restore 6 health in addition to providing certain effects, and Chuck can use any of these created juices again as an ingredient in the Blender to make another type of juice.[2]

All Case Zero and Dead Rising 2 recipe combinations are found at Dead Rising 2 Recipes/All

In the PC game files, all the possible recipes are found in the combostation_juices.csv file.

All juice combinations with exclusive Off the Record food have not yet been added. Exclusive Case West exclusive food combinations have been added.

Blender Locations[edit | edit source]

Dead rising Blender (Dead Rising 2).png
Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Still Creek
The Dirty Drink Behind the counter
Momma's Diner Behind the counter
Dead Rising 2 Fortune City[3]
Americana Casino Shots & Awe
Atlantica Casino Sipparellos
Food Court Rojo Diablo Mexican Restaurant
Palisades Mall First-floor grotto bar
Platinum Strip Juggz Bar & Grill
Silver Strip Pub O' Gold
Slot Ranch Casino At the bar
Yucatan Casino Baron Von Brathaus
Uranus Zone Jump Space 7
Dead Rising 2: Case West
Cafeteria Kitchen

How to mix two items in a blender[edit | edit source]

In order to mix two items together in a blender Chuck must first switch items in his inventory until he gets to the first ingredient. With the ingredient in hand go to the blender, and when the yellow indicator is highlighted and tells you to "Examine" the blender. This puts Chuck's first item in the blender. Chuck cannot get the item back out once he puts it in.

To add the second food item switch to the food item and Examine the blender again.

The blender will whirl, then spit out a colored thermos-looking container. The color is indicative of the Juice Chuck made, and it will have the name in parenthesis when Chuck walks close enough to it.

Two mixed drinks[edit | edit source]

Pain Killer and Zombait used at the same time.

Chuck can use two drinks at the same time.

Mixtures[edit | edit source]

Name Result Lasts
Secondary benefit
Dead rising Energizer (Dead Rising 2).png Energizer Chuck cannot be injured. 10 seconds[4] full heal
Dead rising Nectar (Dead Rising 2).png Nectar Attracts any nearby queens to Chuck. Spawns one queen nearby. 6 minutes full heal
Dead rising Pain Killer.png Pain Killer Chuck receives half physical damage. 1 minute[4] full heal
Dead rising Quick Step.png Quick Step Allows Chuck to run at three times his normal speed. However, actions such as attacking and jumping are not affected. 1 minute full heal
Dead rising Randomizer (Dead Rising 2).png Randomizer Gives chuck stomach pains and makes him puke. Throws up three times. See article. 3 minutes full heal
Dead rising Repulse.png Repulse Zombies can not attack you, and will not try to attack you. Overrides Zombait while in effect. 1 minute full heal
Dead rising Spitfire (Dead Rising 2).png Spitfire Changes Chuck's harmless ability to spit at zombies into a short range flame burst. 1 minute full heal
Dead rising Untouchable (Dead Rising 2).png Untouchable Chuck cannot be grabbed by Zombies but can still suffer damage from their attacks. 1 minute full heal
Dead rising Zombait (Dead Rising 2).png Zombait Zombies are more attracted to Chuck which can aid in distracting zombies from survivors. 1 minute full heal

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Number of available mixed juice combinations in Dead Rising 2:

  • 105 Energizer recipe combinations
  • 171 Quickstep recipe combinations
  • 147 Nectar recipe combinations
  • 636 Randomizer recipe combinations
  • 71 Pain killer recipe combinations
  • 110 Repulse recipe combinations
  • 181 Spitfire recipe combinations
  • 210 Untouchable recipe combinations
  • 199 Zombait recipe combinations[3]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Off the Record mixed drink guide - click image one time and then again on second page to fully enlarge

See also[edit | edit source]

  • Mod:Juices PC game files about juices and recipes.

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