Ambuzol Vaspilatin or Zombrauctus Pendeo Autoinjectors which is commercially marketed by Phenotrans as Zombrex, is a controversial medicine in both Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2 that retards the process of zombification. In Dead Rising 2: Case Zero it should be taken every 12 hours but in the main Dead Rising 2, three years later, Zombrex's development has advanced, giving it a 24 hour effectiveness, called Zombrex XC: Extended Care.[1][2] By Dead Rising 2, the pill can be taken orally in 200 mg doses.[3]

Zombrex is expensive because Phenotrans continues to have high research and development costs. This cost is passed on to the pharmacies, which is passed on to the consumer. The government subsides this cost. Zombrex also does not require a prescription which leads to hoarding.[4]

People have been known to feed their pets Zombrex to stop zombification.[4]

Isabela Keyes created the drug after escaping the mall in Willamette. Her friend, Frank West, was also infected, and he uses Zombrex while the two of them are researching ways to come up with a complete cure.

Since Zombrex depends on Queens to be made, Isabela Keyes has been researching on a way to make a synthetic drug, though her work was stolen by Phenotrans, her employer. Despite this, Phenotrans has been telling the world that the drug is synthetic and does not depend on zombies or Queens anymore. Also, as revealed in Dead Rising 2: Case West, a cure has been discovered but Dr. Mallon has kept it for herself, refusing to let the world know about it. Therefore, infected people everywhere depend on Zombrex.

Zombrex Locations[edit | edit source]

See Video below for a walk through of hidden Zombrex.

Since Willamette Incident, Zombrex is widely sold in many pharmacies, and it is extremely expensive at $300 a box. It is also administered by government health care institutes, and is carried by most ambulances. Dick Jones, a survivor in Still Creek, has some Zombrex in stock in his pawnshop.

In Dead Rising 2, Zombrex can be found in hidden places, awarded from survivors, defeating psychopaths or buying from pawnshops located in Fortune City, with the price rising in $25,000 increments with each purchase, starting at $25,000. It is important to note that, like weapons, Chuck will lose his supply of Zombrex should he restart his journey.

Location Description Type Picture
Americana Casino Bennie Jack’s BBQ Shack second floor, jump along the casino’s light fixtures.

1. Begin on the second floor of the BBQ Shack, left side of the fire pit.

2. Jump to the large square yellow light handing from the ceiling.

3. Keep jumping from light to light until Chuck reaches the platform with the Zombrex, money, Bargaining 1 magazine, handgun and Giant Stuffed Rabbit.

Army Surplus Gift Store The first dose costs $25,000, and the price increases by $25,000 for each additional purchase. Pawnshop
Code Blue Day 1, Sept. 25, 10 pm begins. Sven Blaaborg rewards Chuck with a dose after being escorted back to the shelter during the mission. Mission
Demand and Supply Day 3, Sept 27, 9 pm begins. This mission will occur only if Sven has been rescued. In this unannounced mission, Sven Blaaborg appears in the cafeteria and asks Chuck to find him vodka or whiskey. Upon giving him the booze, Sven gives Chuck a box of Zombrex. Code Blue must be completed successfully for this mission to activate. Mission
Hunger Pains Day 3, Sept 27, 2 am begins. Richard Kelly gives Chuck some Zombrex when escorted to the safehouse. Mission
Just in Time Payday Loans The first dose costs $25,000, and the price increases by $25,000 for each additional purchase. Pawnshop
Mail Order Zombrex Day 2, Sept 26, 11 pm. A dose is obtained after defeating Carl Schliff during the mission. Mission
Roy’s Mart in Royal Flush Plaza Acquired during Zombrex 1. The first dose is found as part of the first mission, in the pharmacy at Roy's Mart in Royal Flush Plaza. Mission
Zombrex 1 (Dead Rising 2).jpg
Slot Ranch Casino Climb onto the crates behind the north stage, then jump to the Zombrex.

1. Begin at the back of the stage near the hallway to the maintenance room.

2. Jump up onto the box just to the right of the maintenance room.

3. Jump to the boxes toward the front to the stage. Zombrex is on these boxes.

Dead rising 2 hidden zombrex 2 slot ranch casino.PNG
Underground Just past Maintenance Room 32 on the platform. West of the Secret Lab. Hidden
Dead rising underground zombrex next to Maintenance Room 32.jpg
Yucatan Casino Climb to the top of the Lucky Marble minigame, then jump to the Zombrex

1. Climb on top of the slot machines at the base of the monument in the center of the gambling hall.

2. Continue climbing up the monument atop the blue boxes, until Chuck reaches the platform.

3. There is Zombrex here and a LMG gun.

Dead rising 2 hidden zombrex 3 yucatan casino.PNG

Zombrex Basics[edit | edit source]

Case Zero[edit | edit source]


Dead rising case 0 zombrex intro.PNG

When Chuck Greene first picks up Zombrex in Dead Rising 2, two information screens explain how Zombrex works.

  • Zombrex is a drug that stops the infected from becoming zombies. It is high in demand, expensive, and hard to find.
  • Zombrex is still an experimental formula and only prevents zombification for 12 hours.
  • Zombrex overdoses are deadly, users must never take it earlier than prescribed.

Dead rising case 0 zombrex intro 2.PNG
  • The Zombrex Counter on your HUD [ Head-up display ] shows how much you have at all times.
  • Katey needs her next does of Zombrex between 7:00PM and 8:00PM. If she doesn't get it, she will die.
  • Check your watch to see how much time is left before Katey needs her dose.

Dead Rising 2[edit | edit source]


Dead rising 2 tutorial zombrex justin tv (2).png

When Chuck Greene first picks up Zombrex in Dead Rising 2, two information screens explain how Zombrex works.

  • Zombrex is a drug that stops the infected from becoming zombies. It is high in demand, expensive, and hard to find.
  • The new and improved Zombrex formula now lasts 24 hours![5]
  • Zombrex overdoses are deadly, users must never take it earlier than prescribed.

Dead rising 2 tutorial zombrex justin tv.png
  • The Zombrex Counter on your HUD [ Head-up display ] shows how much you have at all times.
  • Katey needs Zombrex everyday between 7:00AM and 8:00AM. If she doesn't get it, she will die.
  • Check your watch to see if it's time for Katey's next dose.

Warnings[edit | edit source]

Dead rising 2 Poster Zombrex Health and Safety.jpg

Zombrex publishes an educational promotional poster which explains the precautions humans must take around zombies and the side effects of Zombrex.

IMPORTANT Please do not remove this poster
from its designated area
+ Health and Safety
A practical guide to dealing
with zombie infection
Unfamiliar cravings Herd mentality
Increased Shambling Some light rotting
Random limb loss Rank odor
Give the
Gift of life.
Brought to you
in association
with ZombrexTM
Do not mix ZombrexTM with alcohol.

Do not operate heavy machinery within 24 hours of taking Zombrex.TM ZombrexTM is not suitable for pregnant women. ZombrexTM should only be taken once every 24 hours. ZombrexTM is not a cure.

ZombrexTM is a subsidiary of Phenotrans.TM Procedures featured on this safety poster are not scientifically proven methods and should only be practices in a worse case scenario. ZombrexTM is not responsible for unsuccessful attempts as the procedures presented
In case of zombie infection, report to your appointed infection safety coordinator and make your way calmly to the nearest emergency assembly point.
Leave all personal effects behind (with the exception of firearms and other methods of self-defense).
Do not seek refuge in densely populated human settlements.
Do not attempt to communicate with infected individuals.
Always travel by day
Target the brain Wash weapons after use
Prevention is always better than Cure
herein are merely suggestions. Please remember to always think before you practice. In case of infection, administer ZombrexTM injection immediately. If no ZombrexTM injector is available, visit your local physician immediately for treatment. After infection, transformation time varies.
Your appointed zombie safety coordinator is:
Your nearest emergency assembly point is:
Infected persons should be watched closely and disposed of upon first signs of onset. Hesitation is a conduit for infection. Please use a permanent ink marker to fill in the information on this poster. Legibility is the key to the personal welfare of you and the persons around you.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There are many Zombrex Posters put up all throughout Fortune City, 33 in all, that Chuck can vandalize for Prestige Points as well as an achievement.
  • Gretchen Peregrine is responsible for placing the hidden Slot Ranch Casino Zombrex.[6]
  • During the events of the Still Creek outbreak, standard 12-hour Zombrex was the only medication available. By the time of the Fortune City disaster three years later, 24-hour "Zombrex XC: Extended Care" has been introduced. [1]
  • On the Zombrex poster, the 'Wash weapons after use' heading shows a cricket bat being washed. The cricket bat itself may be a reference to the hit movie Shaun Of The Dead, in which the protagonist uses a cricket bat to fight off zombies.
Dead rising 2 zombrex gamesradar com.jpg
  • The tag line for Zombrex is "Keep living your life with Zombrex"
  • Instructions for administrating Zombrex as found on a Zombrex Auto Injector box :
    1. Scrub hands thoroughly with soap and hot water before opening.
    2. Disinfect injection area with alcohol rub and soapy water.
    3. Inject Needle with conviction to penetrate epiderms.
    4. Administer all medication; then dispose of immediately.[1]

Video[edit | edit source]

{{#ev:youtube|ENLFKZEjsGQ|300|left|Dead Rising 2 - All Zombrex Stashes}}

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Dead rising classified zombrex chemical formula.jpg

Case West load screen:


CHEMICAL FORMULA: Zombrex Top Secret 4 Nov. 2007

Although the various [redacted] organic, inorganic, analytical, biochemistry and physical chemistry--have a rich American history, they have also been influenced by European, especially German, chemists. The influence of psychical chemistry on the development of chemistry in the United States began with American students who studied under a number o German chemists, most notably the 1909 Noble Prize winner, Wilhelm Ostwald, in a 1946 survey by Stephen S. Visher, three of Oswald's students were recognized as influential chemistry teachers Gilbert…

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