Dead Rising
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Waypoints are markers that Frank and Chuck can use to help guide Survivors in all Dead Rising games. When Frank or Chuck sets a waypoint the survivors in his group will run to it and stay there when they reach it. Some survivors, however, will hesitate before running to a waypoint. To set a waypoint, hold Template:Rtrigger and look at where you want to set it, then press Template:Ybutton. Waypoints do not have infinite range though, so you may have to adjust them when traversing large areas, such as Leisure Park or Silver Strip. You can only place one waypoint at a time.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Tonya Waters will only follow waypoints if Ross is with her. If he dies, she will stay by his body and will not follow Frank.
  • Rachel Decker will follow Jolie Wu instead of Waypoints, however she will follow Jolie to Waypoints.


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