Terror is Reality is an entertainment show that involves contestants battling it out in a race to kill more zombies than their opponents, with large cash prizes for the winner. Like a modern day gladiatorial contest, those lucky enough to get a grandstand seat urge the contestants to spill more zombie blood, with over the top takedowns greeted by rapturous applause and the promise of slow motion replays on the arena’s jumbotron. Due to the number of zombies killed per show, and the limited amount of them gathered from the outbreaks, there has only been five or six shows in three years, and its rarity makes it a much anticipated show by the rest of the US, after news of an outbreak.[Verification needed]

Suffering tumbling ratings and controversy, the seventeenth show, TiR XVII: Payback, takes place in Fortune City Nevada on September 25, 2010. It is hosted by long time celebrity Tyrone King and commentated by Don Andrews and Paul Lazenby. Chuck Greene reluctantly takes part in the show in order to earn money to buy Zombrex for his infected daughter. The show is highly controversial and numerous groups are contesting it, including the Zombie rights Citizens for Undead Rights and Equality (C.U.R.E.). Since its inception over 200,000 zombies have been involved in Terror is Reality. Protesters feel it is unfair to treat the infected as a means of entertainment.[1][2][3]

Dead Rising 2 allows players to play Terror is Reality with a series of multiplayer challenges for up to four players online play. The first four games are always selected by the player at random. However, every “Terror Is Reality” episode concludes with a game of Slicecycles.[4]


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Money earned online can be used offline
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Money earned online can be used offline but has to be a Ranked Game not a Player Match. The cash a player earns at the end of each Terror Is Reality contest is deposited into Chuck’s savings and is usable in the players single-player/cooperative game.[4]

Known ContestantsEdit

Chuck wins a match
TiR annoucing

TiR XVII: PaybackEdit

TiR XVI: Dead, White and BlueEdit

  • Contestants: Pedro Weeks, Terry D. Good, Klaus Albrecht, Adam Schrodinger
  • The Hype: Politicians swap the campaign trail for one of terror
  • Winner: Pedro Weeks[6]

TiR XV: Summertime SufferingEdit

  • Contestants: Vic Johnson, Blaise Davide, Everett Mire, Scott Caverly
  • 'The Hype: 'Thanks to Volleybomb and Spit Take, life's a beach for the undead
  • Winner: Everett Mire[6]

TiR XIV: Man's Worst FriendEdit

  • Contestants: Gregory Bordon, Rick Scott, Roland Andrews, Eduardo Esteban
  • The Hype: Contestants go wild with zombie birds and animals
  • Winner: Eduardo Esteban[6]

TiR XIII: Street FighterEdit

  • Contestants: Elizabeth Horikawa, Fred Santos, Sankhit Sahleel, Mark Naron
  • The Hype: TiR takes to the streets of Fortune City for some urban uproar
  • Winner: Elizabeth Horikawa[6]

Unknown eventEdit


  • Frank West inadvertently inspired the name of the show while arguing with his agent, Clay Hurlton over the cancellation of his show, Uncovered in favor of a new show that Hurlson describes as, "...'Real' Reality TV." Frank angrily screams, "You wanna know what real reality is, you smug sonuvabitch? TERROR IS REALITY, that's what!" Hurlson steals this as the show's title.[8]
  • Zombrex sponsors everything at Terror is Reality. They do not even allow Associate Sponsors.
  • TiR XIII: Street Frighter may be a reference to Street Fighter, a game series also made by CAPCOM.


  • While playing TIR online, the two announcers always begin with Paul Lazenby saying a line that informs the audience and Don Andrews responding by insulting Paul in some way. Paul never responds to Don's insults.
  • During events Don will also talk about participating in the show, referencing that he has participated in this show at some point in the past.
  • Coupled with that Don makes statements about "back in [his] day" during certain events, one of them being Bounty Hunter, making the show seem even older than it is, even though it is only four years old by the time of Dead Rising 2.
  • While playing TIR, a player may hear Don say, "You know, Paul, I once heard that zombies sparkle in the sunlight!", which is a reference to Twilight, a book series. Paul promptly replies, "Now that is the most stupidest retarded thing I have ever heard!
  • The characters of Don and Paul are similar to other announcers in video game and television media. Don is similar to Mad Dog "Strangler" McGraw in Fable II as both are past competitors in the event their commenting on as well as the comical half of the show, constantly insulting their fellow partner. Paul is similar to Allen Murray in the same right that they speak more about the show rather than their rough partner. A similar display can be seen on WWE SmackDown on Friday nights where an ex-wrestler (who occasionally jumps in the ring) acts as the comical relief next to his co-commentator.



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