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Defeat Ted and either kill or befriend and escort Snowflake. Escort Lenny back to the safe house.


Snowflake Boss Battle is an unannounced mission in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. It is available in the first day, and will start when Chuck enters the Yucatan Casino.

Overview[edit | edit source]

After the zombie outbreak, Ted devotes himself to feeding "fresh meat" to Snowflake, one of the Yucatan's Bengal tigers. Ted is a "slightly "slow" caretaker" who hates people, but loves animals. Ted will do anything to find food for Snowflake and plans on feeding Chuck to the tiger. Mocked his whole life because of his weight and low intelligence, he considers the tigers he trains to be his only friends, and becomes extremely angry if he believes someone is making fun of him.

As Chuck enters the Yucatan Casino he will spot a survivor named Lenny Mooney, however the man quickly runs away while Ted brands Chuck as "fresh meat" and knocks him unconscious. He will then drag Chuck to Snowflake. Chuck tells him that he will find fresh meat for Snowflake and tries to calm him down. He tells him to take it "Nice and slow", which Ted interprets as being called "slow". He then gets angry and tells Snowflake to attack, prompting a fight. After he is defeated, Ted will crawl to a statue and then calls out to Snowflake to eat him, then succumbs to his wounds.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Defeating Ted[edit | edit source]



Chuck's first priority is to kill Ted, which is easily accomplished as he is considered to be one of the easiest psychopaths to defeat. Snowflake will pounce on Chuck as Chuck tries to kill Ted. If this makes it difficult to kill Ted, the player can exploit Snowflake's inability to move through certain areas, such as the nearby restaurant, to separate the two.

There is also fire axe near the Ted's starting position.


Dead rising snowflake handgun.jpg
Handgun Ted has a weak handgun.
Dead rising snowflake (4).jpg
Push Ted will push Chuck or zombies.

Once Ted is neutralized, a cut-scene will play, and Snowflake will remain for Chuck to either tame or kill.

Defeating Snowflake[edit | edit source]

Defeating Snowflake can be difficult, but is far from impossible. Generally, quick weapons with repetitive strikes, or heavy weapons with single strikes are the best method. Her tactics are easily discernible, and because she only targets Chuck and zombies, most of the time, survivors are not as vulnerable as in other boss battles. Her most visible attack is a lunge, which is preceded by her running away from Chuck. Dodge-rolling, or running in a sharp angle can avoid this, opening her up for attacks. Her other attack is a quick trot towards Chuck, before leaping and clawing. Be aware that if she successfully lunges upon Chuck, she will proceed to maul him for additional damage.

If Chuck needs food during the battle, run to Baron Von Brathaus restaurant, which has several kinds of food and a blender. Chuck can mix two wines to create Quick Step. The magazine Health 2 is also found here, which when held, restores health by 100%.

Taming Snowflake[edit | edit source]

To tame Snowflake:

  1. Ted needs to be killed first.
  2. Snowflake needs to be thrown and eat three pieces of steak.

In order to Tame Snowflake, Chuck must boost her health back to full with three steaks.

  • Steaks can be destroyed by jumping on them, much like a crate, so take care climbing the stone platforms to get them.


Steak locations
Photo Map Store Description
Dead rising Steak Yucatan casino location tiger habitat.jpg
Yucatan Casino (3) West fire pit area where the battle first began.

Two pieces atop the rock outcropping along the wall

One piece on a rock in the middle of the pit area.

Dead rising Steak Yucatan casino location upper platform.jpg
Dead rising Steak Yucatan casino location upper platform map.jpg
Yucatan Casino Upper Platform (1) One piece on the upper platform
Dead rising Baron Von Brathaus steak.jpg
Baron Von Brathaus (1) Table along the wall
Wild West Grill House Food Court
Chris's Fine Foods (∞) Palisades Mall second floor
Royal Flush Plaza Leap on the phone booth near Ragazines to the broken walkway above. Jump to the higher flower box. Travel to the loft of the Players store.

She will eat steaks thrown at her at anytime, including before she attacks. The easiest way to get her to eat all three pieces is to clear the area just outside her pen of zombies, then throw as many pieces of steak as Chuck can find down onto the floor so they are clearly visible against the white tile. As Snowflake prowls, she will eventually stumble upon the steaks and eat them, regaining her health. There is a power up sound when Snowflake eats a steak, similar to when Chuck eats food. Chuck occasionally needs to attract the tiger's attention, or she will wander off and kill zombies.

While attempting to tame Snowflake, zombies can interrupt her eating. Try to use ranged weapons to keep them off of her while she eats her meal. Another perfect distraction against the zombies is to create a Heliblade that turns the zombies attention to the Heliblade instead of Chuck and Snowflake, leaving her alone while she quickly eats her steak.

If Chuck needs food during the battle, run to Baron Von Brathaus restaurant, which has several kinds of food and a blender. Chuck can mix two wines to create Quick Step.

The magazine Health 2 is also found here, which when held, restores health by 100%.

After Snowflake eats all three steaks, a cutscene will play, and she will join Chuck.

Survivor Lenny Mooney[edit | edit source]

After running away from Chuck and Ted, Lenny Mooney is hiding in the Yucatan Casino's VIP room. Lenny refuses to join Chuck until Snowflake has been killed or tamed. Once snowflake is killed, Lenny will show Chuck how to turn on the power to Yucatan Casino.

Mission Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Dialogue of the mission in the Off the Record game files. All text may not be actually used in the final game.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If Chuck leaves the area and the load screen appears, and he returns, he will need to still feed Snowflake three meats all over again even if he had already fed her.
  • Like most missions, there are additional items especially for this mission found in missions.txt:
  • The submission to restore power to the Yucatan is called "PowerYucatan" in missions.txt.

Mission name[edit | edit source]

PC screen shot of Debug Mode showing the name of the mission.

  • The name of the mission is referred in the game files as "Snowflake" and "Fresh Meat"

Dead rising 2 snowflake mission name in official guide.jpg
Dead rising 2 snowflake mission name in official guide (2).jpg

  • Gamespot refers to this mission as "Nice and Slow" in reference to the what Ted says, "Snowflake... go and eat your fresh meat... nice and slow..."[1]

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