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For the Dead Rising 2 clothes, see Funny Servbot Mask.

The Servbot Mask is a weapon in Dead Rising 2, Case Zero and Case West. Putting a mask on a zombie earns Chuck 50 prestige points.

This weapon can be combined with the lawnmower to create a Super Slicer.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Dead rising servbot mask main.png
  • Main: Tap X button/Square button to have Chuck lift the mask over his head, and slam the mask atop a zombie's head, preventing it from biting and incapacitating it.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There are at least 3 different Servbot masks in available in Case Zero.
  • It is a available piece of clothing on PS3 application, "Playstation Home".
  • In "Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3", the mask be seen in Frank West's "Funny Face Chrusher" super move.
  • In "Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3", the mask be seen in the weapon cart during Frank's "Blue Light Special" super move.
  • In the PC game file, items.txt there are five types of masks:[1]
AlternateTextureName0= "data/models/weapons/servbotmask_dead"
AlternateTextureName1= "data/models/weapons/servbotmask_sad"
AlternateTextureName2= "data/models/weapons/servbotmask_angry"
AlternateTextureName3= "data/models/weapons/servbotmask_crying"
AlternateTextureName4= "data/models/weapons/servbotmask_happy"
  • stickit_ServbotMask:
AlternateTextureName0= "data/models/weapons/servbotmask_red"
AlternateTextureName1= "data/models/weapons/servbotmask_green"
AlternateTextureName2= "data/models/weapons/servbotmask_ylw"
Weapon Animations
Animation name Animation shared with
  1. Fountain Lizard
  2. Goblin Mask
  3. Lizard Mask
  4. Servbot Mask
  5. Zombie Mask
  6. Bucket
  7. Drill Bucket

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Servbot mask found in yucatan_casino.txt (Yucatan Casino) with the alternate skin

    cItemPlacement ServbotMask
    	IsStatic= ""
    	ItemName= "ServbotMask"
    	Location= "296.924,2.004,-341.327"
    	Rotation= "0.001,-0.382,-0.000,0.924"
    	TextureSubType= "4"

The following Dead Rising 2 weapons incapacitate but do not kill zombies:

Dead rising Bucket (Dead Rising 2).png Bucket
Dead rising Cryo Pod.png Cryo Pod
Dead rising Fancy Painting.png Fancy Painting
Dead rising Fire Extinguisher (Dead Rising 2).png Fire Extinguisher
Dead rising Firecrackers.png Firecrackers
Dead rising Funny Painting.png Funny Painting
Dead rising Giant Spaceship Toy.png Giant Spaceship Toy
Dead rising Giant Stuffed Bull.png Giant Stuffed Bull
Dead rising Giant Stuffed Donkey.png Giant Stuffed Donkey
Dead rising Giant Stuffed Elephant.png Giant Stuffed Elephant
Dead rising Giant Stuffed Rabbit.png Giant Stuffed Rabbit
Dead rising Goblin Mask.png Goblin Mask
Dead rising Hanger (Dead Rising 2).png Hanger
Dead rising Hunk of Meat (Dead Rising 2).png Hunk of Meat
Dead rising Large Barrel.png Large Barrel
Dead rising Lizard Mask.png Lizard Mask
Dead rising Mannequin Female Left Arm.png Mannequin Arm
Dead rising Painting (Dead Rising 2).png Painting
Dead rising Protestor Sign.png Protestor Sign
Dead rising Pylon (Dead Rising 2).png Pylon
Dead rising Robot Bear.png Robot Bear
Dead rising Servbot Mask (Dead Rising 2).png Servbot Mask
Dead rising Shampoo (Dead Rising 2).png Shampoo
Dead rising Slappy Mask.png Slappy Mask
Dead rising Small Painting.png Small Painting
Dead rising Stick Pony.png Stick Pony
Dead rising Toy Helicopter.png Toy Helicopter
Dead rising Zombie Mask.png Zombie Mask
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