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The RollerHawg or Roller Hawg is a Dead Rising 3 weapon and combo vehicle.

It is created by combining the Steamroller with a Motorcycle. Nick Ramos can build this vehicle after he defeats Hunter Thibadeuax.[1]

Place the two vehicles close together and press Template:A to combine them together. While driving, press X to shoot flames out of the roller.[2]

Psychopath Hunter Thibadeuax rides a Roller Hawg.[3][4]


See Hunter Thibadeuax - Release for more information on the release of information on the Roller Hawg.

On August 19, 2013 Capcom released a video which showed the roller hawg at the end.[5]

The official name "Roller Hawg" was confirmed by Gamescom with a screen shot on August 20, 2013.[6]


In the August 20, 2013 interview the IGN reviewer asked if this was one of the more powerful weapons, the Capcom art director said, the roller hawg was a "tier one" vehicle.[2]


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