DRW Peep Hole, also referred to as The Peephole[1] is an Silver Strip adult night lounge in Dead Rising 2. There are three rooms Chuck can use, each costing $1,000, using one of these will grant a 1,000 prestige point bonus. Using all three will grant 10,000 prestige point.


  • Description on the map page: Feed your carnal urges in our selection of private booths. You've got to peep it to believe it!

"Having a hard time at the tables? Feeling frustrated and stressed? Experience the ultimate release as one of our ladies helps you unwind with a private show." -- Fortune City Website Advertising.[2]



  1. In Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, Deidre tells Frank she works at The Peephole when he finds her. Different than the map spelling, possibly a game text error.
  2. Casinos in Fortune City, Visit Fortune City. (2010).
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