Paddle Party Massacre is one of six Paradise Platinum Screens movie and Paddlesaw combo card poster appearing in Dead Rising 2.

In the movie cutscene cutscene Chuck has his hands curled in fists with wide-open eyes. The movie is played around 10 pm to 11 pm. Once Chuck Greene views the movie, he gains 2,000 prestige points Entertainment Bonus.

Cutscene text[edit | edit source]

Chuck's reaction

Shoot! The light's broken!

Hey, what's this book?

(mumble mumble mumble)

Let's read it aloud a bit.

"Rorum Scur Shonar Exilium!"


*chainsaw sound*

Wait! What are you...?

*chainsaw sound continued followed by screaming*

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The name of the cutscene file is watch_movie_horror.txt.
  • The poster for this movie, located in the Silver Strip, in front of the Slot Ranch Casino, also gives the player the paddlesaw combo card.[1]
  • The name of this movie is based off of the Paddlesaw weapon.
  • Chainsaw noises are heard during the movie, so it possible that someone in the movie uses a paddlesaw as a weapon.
  • The character in the movie reads "Rorum Scur Shonar Exilium!" which appears to have no meaning.
    • rōrum is the genitive plural of rōs, and can be defined as “moisture, humidity” “pour out”) and “dew”[2]
    • Scur has a variety of ancient meanings, none related to Latin.[3]
    • Shonar appears to not be Latin, but it is a common Bengali name.[4]
    • Exilium is latin, it is a form of exile.[5]
  • The movie maybe a reference to Friday the 13th.

Video[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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    	ItemName = "ComboCardPosterG"
    	Location = "-0.364,1.943,-74.552"
    	Rotation = "0.000,-0.500,0.000,0.867"
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