A mutiny is when survivors leave the safety of the Security Room or Safe House for a reason such as someone complaining about the lack of food, or someone complaining that the helicopter will not come. If Frank doesn't get there on time, everyone in the room with the mutiny organizer will leave and their status will appear as Lost in Frank's notebook. The same will occur for Chuck, if Stuart carries out with his mutiny, he and others will leave, registering the Lost status in Chuck's notebook

Dead RisingEdit

Ronald's AppetiteEdit

On the second day in the evening, Frank recieves a call about Ronald trying to rally up everyone to go back into the mall and hunt for food. Ronald has been complaining about the shortage of food in the Security Room. Frank argues with Ronald, saying that the food gathered by Brad should be enough to satisfy everyone's needs, but Ronald butts in saying that some of them need more food than others, and accuses Frank of hiding the extra food. Frank is forced to feed Ronald a snack in order to calm him down. Once fed, he relaxes and remains in the security office.

Kindell's BetrayalEdit

On the third day, Frank recieves a call about Kindell planning on leaving the Security Room with those in the room with him to find an escape. They plan on gathering some weapons and hot wiring cars from the parking lot to escape. Frank arrives in time to calm Kindell down, saying that if Ed does not arrive on the third day, then he can go on with his plan. Kindell agrees to wait a little bit more and backs down.

Dead Rising 2Edit

Stuart's SchemeEdit

Stuart will call Chuck to the Safe House asking to talk to him. He will blame Chuck for the outbreak and threatens to tell everyone, so that they will all leave. However, Chuck is able to stop Stuart's scheme by blackmailing the fact that he was looting the casino he worked at, and could get into trouble. Seeing that Chuck has dirt on him, he apologizes and backs down.


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