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Hi. Call me Mistertrouble or Troubleman. I love Dead Rising. I love saving survivors! I am an admin here on this wiki, so feel free to hit me up with questions/comments.

I originally got the Wii version and beat it after a week, but was disapointed with the less number of zombies and absence of the psychopaths and survivors... A few months later, I bought Dead Rising for the Xbox 360 and LOVE it. My first file, I beat it, including Overtime mode.

I've beat Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2 many times with all survivors rescued and all cases completed, acquiring the true ending. Saving all survivors while dealing with the cases can be frustrating at some times.

Leave a message on my talk page if you need me. I am most concerned with survivors and psychopaths on this wiki and will do my best to update/edit those pages. Plus, I will be doing extensive updating to my three above pages (and on the survivors pages for each of the three games).

Outbreak PagesEdit

Rebecca image

Rebecca Chang, Channel 6 News

The Willamette Incident

The Still Creek Outbreak

The Fortune City Disaster

The Phenotrans Facility Outbreak

The Los Perdidos Outbreak

Notes to SelfEdit

  • Dead Rising 1 busts
  • Dead Rising 2 busts (need)


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