DRW Juggz Bar & Grill is a Platinum Strip bar in Dead Rising 2. The restaurant features seating indoors and outdoors with giant mugs of beer on the building for decoration.

There is an alleyway between the bar and the casino next door that leads to a maintenance room as well as access to the rooftop for the movie theater next door where a sniper can be found.


  • The bar's name is likely a parody of the real-life Hooters franchise.
  • "Experience Juggz like you've never seen before! Our pitchers are twice the size of any other bar and we guarantee a perfect creamy head every time - or your money back. We ain't called Juggz for nothing!" -- Fortune City Website Advertising.[1]
Dead rising 2 juggz bar and grill map
  • Description on the map page: Our pitchers are twice the size of any other bar. We ain't called Juggz for nothing!



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