The DRW Holy Arms is a combo weapon in Dead Rising 2, made by combining these two items:

Dead rising Holy Arms
[[Holy ArmsTemplate:!Holy Arms]]
Dead rising Box of Nails
[[Box of NailsTemplate:!Box of Nails]]
Dead rising Training Sword
[[Training SwordTemplate:!Box of Nails]]

</center> Its form of attack is to push the nails in the shield towards the enemies, causing dismemberment to zombies. The combo card for Holy Arms can be found in Atlantica Casino to your right after you enter from Fortune Park by examining the "Pit Viking" movie poster.

Atlantica Casino is also one of the easier locations to find the training sword as it is sitting in a maintenance room along with a Box of Nails opposite of it.

There is also another training sword and box of nails in the Atlantica Casino on the lights of the Casino, which can be accessed by climbing a rock on the fountain near the security room of the casino.

This combo weapon has been described as:

"There's a toy sword and shield set in "Dead Rising 2." They're mostly harmless, but if you jam a dozen nails into each, you suddenly have something that's not quite so harmless."[1]

Attacks and Combo CardEdit

Combo Card poster location
Dead rising Holy Arms poster map Dead rising Holy Arms poster location

Weapon component locationsEdit

Dead Rising 2 and Case Zero general locations of weapons needed to make the Holy Arms.

Box of Nails
Dead rising Box of Nails

Location icon see article Training Sword
Dead rising Training Sword
Location icon Atlantica Casino Main Floor

Location icon Atlantica Casino Upper Platforms skylights (2)
Location icon Atlantica Casino - Maintenance Room 10 through magician's room (inside)
Location icon Slot Ranch Casino Stage Area
Location icon Slot Ranch Casino - Maintenance Room 4 behind stage (outside, left of door on black boxes)
Location icon Food Court Hamburger Feifdom on wall

Location icon Ned's Knicknackery[Verification needed]


  • The name is likely a pun regarding the fact that the nails would make "Holes" in zombies, as well as also poking fun at the idea of many a fantasy character using holy swords and shields.
  • While "Holy" is associated with heaven, the training sword's other combo weapon is the opposite; "Infernal", associated with hell.
  • In the PC files items.txt this weapon is called "SpikedSwordAndShield"


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