Folding chairs are collapsible metal seats which Chuck can use as weapons in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Case Zero. Folding chairs are large weapons, and cannot be stored in Chuck's inventory.


Dead rising folding chair main
  • Main Tap X to swing the chair side to side around his head in a quick, horizontal sweep.

Dead rising folding chair alternate
  • Alternate Hold X and Chuck lifts the chair over his head and swings it down, to perform a heavy vertical bash attack.


Dead rising folding chairs damaged and undamaged
  • According to the PC file items.txt of the 10 chairs in Dead Rising 2, the folding chair is the only chair which has a special appearance when it is damaged.
  • The folding chair is the only chair that is not broken when thrown.[1]
  • In the PC file items.txt this chair is identified as "Chair_9".
Weapon Animations
Animation name Animation shared with
  1. Fancy Small Chair
  2. Folding Chair




  1. Cushioned Tall Chair
  2. Stool
  3. Yellow Tall Chair
  4. Highback Oak Chair
  5. Padded Blue Chair
  6. Patio Chair
  7. Fancy Tall Chair
  8. Fancy Small Chair
  9. Barstool
  10. Folding Chair


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Dead rising 10 chairs

All 10 Dead Rising 2 chairs with their name found in the PC file items.txt.


Dead rising Barstool 1. Barstool Chair_8
Dead rising Cushioned Tall Chair 2. Cushioned Tall Chair Chair_1
Dead rising Fancy Small Chair 3. Fancy Small Chair Chair_7
Dead rising Fancy Tall Chair 4. Fancy Tall Chair Chair_6
Dead rising Folding Chair 5. Folding Chair Chair_9
Dead rising Highback Oak Chair 6. Highback Oak Chair Chair_3
Dead rising Padded Blue Chair 7. Padded Blue Chair Chair_4
Dead rising Patio Chair 8. Patio Chair Chair_5
Dead rising Stool (Dead Rising 2) 9. Stool Chair_10
Dead rising Yellow Tall Chair 10. Yellow Tall Chair Chair_2
Dead rising Casino Chair 11. Casino Chair
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