The DRW Fire Spitter is a combo weapon in Dead Rising 2, made by combining these two items:

Dead rising Fire Spitter
[[Fire SpitterTemplate:!Fire Spitter]]
Dead rising Toy Spitball Gun
[[Toy Spitball GunTemplate:!Toy Spitball Gun]]
Dead rising Tiki Torch
[[Tiki TorchTemplate:!Toy Spitball Gun]]


It functions similarly to the flamethrower, only instead of firing a steady stream of fire, it shoots fireballs at a long distance, like the blazing aces.

This weapon (along with the Flamethrower) is used by the psychopath Brent Ernst.

A machine gun that lights enemies on fire.[1]

Attacks and Combo CardEdit

Weapon component locationsEdit

Dead Rising 2 and Case Zero general locations of weapons needed to make the Fire Spitter.

Toy Spitball Gun
Dead rising Toy Spitball Gun

Location icon Palisades Mall - Ultimate Playhouse (P103)

Location icon Royal Flush Plaza - Ye Olde Toybox (4) (R107)
Location icon Yucatan Casino - Baron Von Brathaus

Location icon Yucatan Casino - Maintenance Room 6 Right of tiger cage, through employees only door (1) (inside)

Tiki Torch
Dead rising Tiki Torch
Location icon Food Court - Wild West Grill House (F101)

Location icon Palisades Mall Grotto
Location icon Yucatan Casino Fireplace Area
Location icon Yucatan Casino Main Entry Area

Location icon Yucatan Casino Main Floor


  • This weapon is one of two weapons used by "Slappy" in Dead Rising 2.


D4TA-4tMHL0|300|left|Fire Spitter}} to706WOnts4|300|left|Fire Spitter}}



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