The DRW Driller is a combo weapon in Dead Rising 2, made by combining these two items:

Dead rising Driller
Dead rising Power Drill
[[Power DrillTemplate:!Power Drill]]
Dead rising Spear
[[SpearTemplate:!Power Drill]]


This weapon is relatively fragile, but extremely effective against Psychopaths thanks to its quickness.

Both pieces required to make a Driller can be found in the Royal Flush Plaza, in the maintenance room near the entrance. Power drills are next to the worktable, and the spear is just outside the red door.

This combo weapon has been described as:

"Take an ordinary power drill, but instead of a normal drill bit, stick a 3-foot-long spear into it. Pokey death!"[1]

Attacks and Combo CardEdit

Weapon component locationsEdit

Dead Rising 2 and Case Zero general locations of weapons needed to make the Driller.

Power Drill
Dead rising Power Drill

Location icon See article Spear
Dead rising Spear
Location icon Americana Casino Main Floor

Location icon Americana Casino - Bennie Jack's BBQ Shack (upstairs)
Location icon Atlantica Casino Main Floor
Location icon Palisades Mall - Ned's Knicknackery (P204)
Location icon Palisades Mall - Under the Sea Travels (P207)
Location icon Royal Flush Plaza South East Maintenance Area
Location icon Royal Flush Plaza - Maintenance Room 3 near Underground entrance (inside) (1) (outside, corner)

Location icon Royal Flush Plaza - The Chieftain's Hut (R113) (1)


  • The Driller is for sale at Tinkerbox.
  • The Driller continues to rotate when Chuck holds it.
Weapon Animations
Animation name Animation shared with

Power Drill


Template:! Power Drill


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