Dead Rising 3
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Dragon Punch or Rocket Gloves[1] is a combo weapon in Dead Rising 3.[2][3] It can be made by combining:

The weapon allows for powerful jumping Ryu & Ken Shoryuken uppercuts complete with a “Shoryuken!” cry.[4][5]

The combo weapon is described by the Official Xbox 360 magazine as:

"Of course Capcom wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to reference a few of its other game labels. The Dragon Punch, or Rocket Gloves, are created by combining a motorcycle engine with a pair of boxing gloves, and spur Nick into performing an almighty jumping uppercut, with the necessary accompanying cry of "Shoryuken!" It's entirely impractical when you're fighting dozens of zombies at once, but who cares about tactical efficiency when you're in the middle of your best Ryu impression?"[6]


  • The name is a reference to the Capcom game Street Fighter.
  • A preview of Dead Rising 3 called this weapon Rocket Gloves.[1]



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