Dead rising 2 Chuck Greene Cross Dresser achievement Achievement
Chuck Greene: Cross Dresser?
Change into all the clothes in the game

Chuck Greene: Cross Dresser? is an achievement/trophy in Dead Rising 2. It is unlocked by changing into all available clothing in the game. See Dead Rising 2 Clothing for a complete list.

Completing this achievement unlocks the Dealer Outfit in the safehouse locker.


Using the map go store to store in every area of the game, changing into all the clothes. They are several items of clothing very easy to miss, such as the Flower Head Piece and the Dr. Metal shirt. The Flower Hat can be found in one of the bushes in front of the Fortune City Hotel or the Atlantica Casino. The Dr Metal shirt, can be found in the Tape it or Die survivor's back room, in KokoNutz Sports Town.


  • Locker clothing, case zero clothing, or unlockable clothing is not required to complete this achievement.[1]
  • This achievement can be completed in multiple playthroughs.[1]


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