Template:Infobox The blacktail is a unique handgun that Frank starts out with in Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop. It holds 10 bullets. It breaks during the zombie invasion in the Entrance Plaza and must be fixed by gun shop owner Cletus Samson to be used again.


  • Like all guns in Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop, the Blacktail pistol was first featured in Resident Evil 4.
  • Getting this gun back is optional. During the second or more playthroughs, Cletus can give Frank the Killer 7.
  • This is one of the few weapons, along with the Riot Gun and Killer 7, that Frank has during the final Odd Jobs mission, Otis' Challenge.
  • The Blacktail is modeled after the Springfield Armory X-treme Duty handgun.



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