Bazooka Bad Boyz is one of six Paradise Platinum Screens movies in Dead Rising 2. During the film, Chuck watches intently as the story of two men and a bomb unravels. Once Chuck Greene views the movie, he gains 2,000 prestige points Entertainment Bonus. Outside after the film Chuck exclaims: "I laughed. I cried. It sucked!"

Cutscene textEdit

Dead rising Bazooka Bad Boyz

So, Major Rod Johnson. We meet at last.

Thanks for saving my ass out there. I like your... gun.

Here we are at last - two strong men. And of course, one bomb.

Will you cut first, or shall I?

Not the blue wire...not the blue wire!



  • The film plays several times throughout the game.[Verification needed]
  • Chuck does not flinch once during the film.
  • After the movie Chuck says "who wrote that crap"?
  • The name of the cutscene file is watch_movie_action.txt


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