The DRW Bag of Marbles is a weapon found in Dead Rising 2.

Marbles are one of the gifts that Chuck can give to Katey.

Chuck can find infinite bags of marbles inside Ye Olde Toybox in Royal Flush Plaza and also in a few of the other toy stores around Fortune City.


Dead rising bag of marbles main
  • Main: Tap X to throw the bag, which bursts on impact, scattering marbles on the floor causing zombies to slip and fall on their faces.


  • In the Everyone Knows Slappy mission, Chuck can use the marbles to make mascot Slappy slip and fall, then when he is on the ground Chuck can melee attack.
  • In the PC game file, items.txt there are three alternative types of marble debris:
cAlternateTextureInfoItem BagofMarbles_debris_alttex
AlternateTextureName0 = "data/models/weapons/marble_red"
AlternateTextureName1 = "data/models/weapons/marble_blue"
AlternateTextureName2 = "data/models/weapons/marble_green"
UseRandomTexture = "false"
Weapon Animations
Animation name Animation shared with
  1. Bag of Marbles
  2. Queen


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The following weapons make zombies slip and fall if thrown (Hold Tright and press X):

Zombies slip multiple times
Dead rising Cooking Oil (Dead Rising 2) Cooking Oil
Dead rising Gems (Dead Rising 2) Gems

[Verification needed]

Dead rising Keg Keg
Dead rising Milk (Dead Rising 2) Milk
Dead rising Motor Oil Motor Oil
Dead rising Novelty Liquor Bottle Novelty Liquor Bottle
Dead rising Shampoo Shampoo
Dead rising Vomit Vomit
Dead rising Whipped Cream Whipped Cream
Works only once
Dead rising Gumball Machine (Dead Rising 2) Gumball Machine
Dead rising Bag of Marbles Bag of Marbles


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