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The Acoustic Guitar is a weapon in Dead Rising. It is a guitar that relies on acoustic methods to project sound. It is a six-stringed wooden guitar, one of the four guitars in Dead Rising.[1] Frank can swing around the guitar, which can cause massive damage to zombies. When swung, it can clear a large area in front of Frank, but unfortunately he needs a second or two to recover after whacking some zombies.

There are four types of guitars:

  1. Bass Guitar,
  2. Acoustic Guitar, and
  3. two electric guitars.

The acoustic guitar may cause more damage, while the electric guitar is a bit faster as its recovery time is about half of the Acoustic's.

While all of the guitars are effectively the same, each type has a different set of animations for their attacks. The Acoustic Guitar has sort of a "stabbing" motion in front of Frank.[2]


  • Main: Tap the Template:Xbutton button to swing the acoustic guitar. Tap the Template:Xbutton button in succession to perform a three hit combo, by swinging the acoustic guitar right, left, then jabbing it forward.
  • Alternate: Hold down the Template:Xbutton button to jab the acoustic guitar forward.
  • Thrown: Hold down the Template:Rtrigger trigger and press the Template:Xbutton button to throw the acoustic guitar.


When the acoustic guitar hits a target, it will emit sounds that are made by playing an acoustic guitar.



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