This wiki is about the series Dead Rising.


The wiki was started March 17, 2008 by Jack Walters. He was a horrible admin and abandoned the site after just three edits. After about a year without an active admin, a user finally adopted the place. He helped start a large portion of the site's pages before becoming a lot less active in late 2009. In September of 2009, the user Ash Crimson made his first edit... this was the start of a new chapter for the wiki! Later in October, a user named Yoshi started editing too. But they weren't doing it alone, come 2010. They had the help of other editors like ThaPauly, Frank-West, KSR, MagcargoMan, and many others. After another couple months editors like Mistertrouble, Ciwey, Dengarde and Anthony arrived, along with many others, and now the wiki is on it's feet and going strong.

Note: This is a sort of a joke... a bad one. But it is (kinda) the wiki's history.

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